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Zeaplus M7 Price, Specs, Release Date And News

by Giz TimesJune 1, 2015

Zeaplus M7 Price, Features, Release Date & News

One more month starts and another Chinese phone creator uncovers its leader Android Smart phone. Yes we are talking about newly launched Zeaplus M7.

There are a couple points of interest which strike us about the Zeaplus The M7. Firstly is the name, is it “The M7” or basically “M7”, and does this “M7” have anything to do with the Mlais M7 or Mstar M7?

zeaplus m7

zeaplus m7

Zeaplus M7 Features and specs

At that point here are the details : The M7 accompanies a detail which is like the numerous other Chinese lead phones of the day and incorporates the prevalent MT6752 64 bit chip set, 3 GB of RAM, unique mark scanner & 5.5 inches Full HD screen. Like its rivals it likewise accompanies a finger impression scanner, 13 super pixel Sony sensor and Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

Over on the Zeaplus discussions the organization have likewise affirmed that the phone will bolster SD cards, double SIM and LTE groups 1/3/7/20. Goodness and the 13 super pixel sensor is an IMX135 not an IMX214.

Valuing/ Pricing hasn’t been uncovered yet a dispatch of around mid June has been planned.

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