Will One Rank One Pension policy be implemented?

by Gaurav SunejaJuly 28, 2015

26th July has been recognized as the  Kargil Vijay Diwas after the success of the Operation Vijay. Every year we remember the heroes of our country who sacrificed their lives for the pride of their mother country. It was on 26th July 1999, India was successful to take command over high outposts  which was lost to the Pakistani intruders. We should thank them everyday as due to them we feel safe and secure in  our homes. The issue of One Rank One Pension policy raised by our soldiers is very important  as they work day in and day out to protect our country and so they should get what they deserve.

The issue of One Rank One Pension Policy OROP was also one of the promise that BJP  made during  Lok Sabha elections in their manifesto. But till now the promise has not been fulfilled by the government. In order to pressurize the government the ex-servicemen have been carrying out protests in order to introduce the OROP policy. Anna Hazare being a social activist and also an ex-servicemen accused the Modi government for not fulfilling their promise. Moreover, he also joined the protest against the government and has decided to travel across the country.

This he has done in order to awaken the people of the country and will culminate in a protest at the Ramlila Maidan on October 2. Anna Hazare also said that the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar is a good person and he had taken a decision  to take Rs. 500 crore  from the Finance Ministry and even more if needed, but till now the assurance has not been fulfilled.

one rank one pension policy

one rank one pension policy

It was in 1973 the One rank one pension policy was terminated by the Indian National Congress government, before that there was same pension for same rank and not for the same length of service and irrespective of the date of retirement. But now if the policy is implemented would believe to benefit two and a half million  ex-servicemen and women immediately. But the problem is that the government does not of huge amount money that is needed to implement this policy and also the process to implement it is also very complex. But it is the right of the ex-servicemen and they should get get it.

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It is high time for the NDA government to take a decision on this issue as soon as possible. Also, the Bihar elections  are coming and the opposition may take this issue against the government to defame it. So, it is very important for them to think of the welfare of those who does not even think once to sacrifice their life to protect their nation.

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