WhatsApp Web for iPhone users

by Gaurav SunejaAugust 22, 2015

A good news for all the iPhone users as now they can access WhatsApp Web on their iPhone as well. It has been eight months when the WhatsApp was launched this year, but the service was available only for those smartphones that work upon Android system, Windows Phone or Blackberry. It has taken eight months for the WhatsApp Web being finally available for the iPhone users due to the Apple platform limitations.

Initially Google Chrome was the only web browser that supports the working of WhatsApp Web but later its support was extended to Opera and Mozilla Firefox so that users of Nokia S40 and Nokia S60 can also be benefited from this service of WhatsApp. Finally, now it works with Safari on the Mac for the Apple users.

Earlier, when the web version of WhatsApp was launched, the person should have the latest version of WhatsApp in his smartphone then scan the QR code from the WhatsApp website . The phone reads the QR code and transmits the session ID and other associated information to WhatsApp servers, which help to establish the pairing between the phone and the WhatsApp Web session.

Hence, the same is a procedure for the iPhone users. In order to use this service, the person has to scan the QR code on the desktop via the mobile app. A number of features have been introduced for the iPhone users. Now, there is option to mute the individual chat, mark a conversation read or unread, location sharing and backup the videos. Moreover, it also has the feature of auto loading the older messages which was added along with better support for VoiceOver.

WhatsApp Web for iPhone users

WhatsApp Web for iPhone users

In addition this, there is service of managing the chats and profile photo via an update. As we all know nothing is perfect and there are some limitations with everything and so with this service of WhatsApp for the iPhone users. Some of the features like that of photo capturing and voice message recording will not be available for the iPhone users. Also check: LG G5 Specs, Price and Updates

Some more options are also added in the web version. There is an option in the Settings that will show the overflow for chats, allowing users to delete and archive the chats. Some UI tweaks have also been included in this update and one can edit profile photo and status message. Also, there is provision to archive, mute and exit group chats.

So, let’s see whether it will prove to be a helpful service for the iPhone users or not?

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