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Walk through the latest updates on Apple WatchOS2 in WWDC 2015

by Giz TimesJune 9, 2015

Walk through the latest updates on Apple WatchOS 2 in WWDC 2015 

WWDC 2015 has given some really cool updates that have gained unfathomable attraction. Scroll through the most recent reports and the latest updates  on Apple WatchOS2 in WWDC 2015:

  • Tim Cook reported another variant of watchOS. He said this is a goliath and giant moment – Apple trusts in innovation intended for the wrist. He needs engineers to concoct new thoughts for applications for the Watch.
  • WatchOS 2 will get some new watch faces – you can choose a photo album and each time you raise your wrist you’ll see another photograph. Likewise timelapse pictures from different urban areas and cities around the globe – including London can be viewed.
  • WatchOS 2 gives you a chance to see data from outsider applications or third party applications on your watch face. Apple portrays this as ‘complications’. When you turn the Digital Crown, Time Travel gives you a chance to see things like forthcoming occasions and temperatures.
  • New health and fitness elements is included. You can say “go for a five mile run” and Siri will dispatch the fitting application consequently.


  • There are some lovely fun combinations with HomeKit. In the event that you’ve got your lighting framework joined you can advise Siri on your watch to “set the supper scene” and it will make the suitable disposition.
  • Only one month after dispatch, there are now a great many applications that work with Apple Watch, as per Kevin Lynch. He indicated how third party apps can utilize the Watch’s computerized crown. That may sound self-evident, yet it implies designers can figure this sort of route in when they’re outlining applications – to look through train times for instance.
  • A Vine application for the Apple Watch. That is pleasant. WatchOS2 will be accessible to everybody in the harvest time (designer sneak peak accessible today).

Apple knows how to pave the path for perfection by continuous improvement. By Making the apple watchOS2 better, Apple has done it again in the WWDC 2015. It’s cooler, smarter and of more usage now.

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