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Velfie – Because Selfies Are Too Mainstream

by Garima JaitlyJuly 9, 2015

The newest craze to hit the world is video selfie or Velfie. In 2013 “selfie” became a trend we practice till date but with so much going on this reckless world maybe stationary pictures were just not enough. And therefore friends and friends of friends “Welcome Velfie”.

With actors and politicians turning to velfies whether as a source of entertainment or a source of campaign. There are many apps in the android phone which support this new raging phenomenon.

“2014 was about selfies… 2015 is for #velfies!” screams the blurb for Velfie. Its rival competitor Dubsmash can rightly be claimed as the thing in trend right now. It got around 50 million downloads in the last year itself in over  192 countries. This craze wave has swept the film industry with actors making lip synching videos of  famous movie scenes. Whether  for fun or promotion, actors sure are making this a brand new style-statement. From Ranveer Singh’s hilarious enactment of Bollywood legend Anil Kappor’s “jhakas” to Sonakshi Sinha and Salman Khan’s video from “mere apne” 1971.

Rammohan Sundaram, co-founder of India’s Velfie, which was launched in April, said videos were a more entertaining way for Bollywood royalty and other celebrities to engross with their onlookers.

“A selfie is only one picture but a ‘velfie’ can speak of emotions that you just can’t render in a single photo,” Sundaram said.

“Selfies will remain because pictures will always be there but we’re creating a whole new space that’s more exciting, more engaging and more social in nature,” he added.

So what does the future hold? – a TWITTER for velfies. 

Sundaram also said that the velfie wants to expand to become a video social network . In other words a timeline consisting only of video selfies.



“In the long run, as we evolve in the product development life cycle, our plans are to build a social video network. Given the traction we are currently seeing, it is headed towards the direction we had envisaged. For us, consumers should be empowered in the video creation and as a platform we enable both sides of the coin, which is UGC and then subsequent sharing experiences.” says Ankush Johar , co-founder at MobiFirst Media.

With velfies or dubsmash or anyother video selfie being used for greater endeavours like  job interviews or promotional campaigns and advertisements, it seems like we are headed in a moving picture quantum and it has become a necessary part of our expression.

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