The Truth is out – Mother Teresa was Exorcised !

by Giz TimesMay 29, 2015

Mother Teresa experienced an exorcism in 1997 after an episode of a sleeping disorder was faulted for the demon, the Archbishop of Calcutta has uncovered.

News of the exorcism rose on the fourth commemoration of the well known parental figure’s passing.

Diocese supervisor Henry D’Souza said the half-hour method would not harm the pious devotee’s shots of accomplishing sainthood.

Mother teresa

“No chance,” he told the Associated Press. “It didn’t hurt her holiness.”

The diocese supervisor says the exorcism uncovers Mother Teresa’s human side and is “an indication of closeness to God”.

The exorcism is said to have occurred in a healing facility where the cloister adherent was conceded for a heart issue before her passing on 5 September 1997, at 87 years old.

Mr D’Souza was then accepting treatment in the same healing facility.


Mother teresa

At the point when the specialist educated him that the pious devotee was experiencing issues resting, the ecclesiastical overseer dreaded she may be controlled.

“At the point when specialists said they couldn’t locate a therapeutic purpose behind her restlessness, I thought she may be getting assaulted by the villain,” Archbishop Henry Sebastian D’Souza said.

“I needed her to cool off and asked a cleric, for the sake of the congregation, to perform an exorcism  request to God on her.

“She joyfully concurred.”

“Together, exorcist and sister took part in a “petition to God of security”.

After that, she dozed calmly, the ecclesiastical overseer said.

“Irritated by Satan”

mother teresa

The 79-year-old Sicilian-conceived cleric, Rosario Stroscio, who performed the exorcism , said the Nobel prize-winning sister had been acting strangely recently before the unique petitions to God started.

“She was somewhat stupified and acted unusually,” he said.

“Possibly Mother Teresa was under badgering from Satan. Anyhow, after the requests to God, she was truly smooth.”

Mother teresa

The sister, who established the Missionaries of Charity, may soon be announced a holy person.

Pope John Paul waived the typical five-year holding up period and started the procedure prompting sainthood soon after her demise.

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