The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

by Giz TimesJune 15, 2015

The secret was hidden, the secret was lost, the secret was coveted, and the secret was stolen and bought for vast sums of money until it became an unleashed mystery thanks to Rhonda Byrne. I was a part of the crowd which didn’t understand the power of the secret, the untold words of wisdom passed on through centuries the power of our thoughts carved out in simple words and then this book happened. This book as I feel has the power to change the way you think entirely and you wouldn’t even know it. It has been beautifully structured and written and as you move from page to page, you take a sigh after sigh amazed at the power that always rested in you. The essence of the book is the power of our minds, which if identified and unleashed properly, can create waves of positive changes in our life. It deals with tuning our thought process which has the capability of making things happen; things that we otherwise would have never have imagined occurring. It showed me how everything that had ever happened to me was a consequence of my thoughts, I was cynical at first, like many of you  would be as I did not want to believe that my failures, the unfortunate accidents or my lost happiness  ,were my own creation. But as I went through the vivid explanation that Rhonda puts up my beliefs and thinking took a seizure and I remodeled the way I thought. This book deals with the above mentioned theory scientifically, saying that our thoughts are magnetic and a frequency is associated with each one of them and when they are sent out into the universe, they attract like objects which are reflected back to us. In short, our thoughts become things.

I always wondered why we were asked to culture  good and healthy feelings. As a child I remember my mom’s solution to each and every nightmare of mine.

‘Think about something good! ‘She would say and after a while the feelings that haunted me went away. Why do we forget to apply that simple logic as we grow old?

As a matter of fact, these are the things that decide the course our lives take. The importance and need of feelings and emotions, the need to sometimes give in to things that our hearts desire for, the need to prematurely ‘feel’ the things we want to happen, the need to take good care of our health, the need to treat ourselves with love and respect, the ways to make our relationships with others work, the need and ways of expressing our gratitude to the Maker as well as everyone and everything that have touched our lives-all these have been discussed intricately in a detailed manner in the book.

Although I also strongly feel that everything that has been mentioned in this book is nothing new .It is just a charming and organized representation of what we have already experienced consciously or sub consciously.

Ever wondered why when you start your day with one bad experience similar experiences follow you throughout the day, or when you start with a pleasant thought the rest of the day turns out to be sunny? That is exactly what the law of attraction is all about. In simple words like attracts like. What you think is what you get. Most of the people I come across tell me that they could not possibly read the book with the same enthusiasm as I did and I  would say to them it’s because you didn’t have the faith that you would be able to. Like Martin Luther King Jr. puts it “just take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase”.

‘The Secret’ has been realized by many great men like Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein and many other inventors, theologians, scientists and great thinkers and this realization has gone a long way in achieving success and helping them carve a space in people’s minds and hearts, to be remembered and talked about incessantly for generations to come. Rhonda Byrne has used statements and theories by many eminent personalities to illustrate and fortify the concept of ‘The Secret’, who are the co-authors of the book. Throughout the period when I was reading the book, I was unconsciously nodding my head in approval of the theories discussed, realizing how true and appropriate each one of them is.

To the reader of this review I would like to pass my enthusiasm and excitement about the secret and the hope that it can and will change your life once you read like it changed mine.


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