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The OnePlus2 will be the first flagship to use Type C USB

by Giz TimesJune 23, 2015

OnePlus is authoritatively getting this show on the road for their upcoming OnePlus2 flagship, the followup to last year’s OnePlus One smart phone. Recently the Chinese company reported on their social networking that the upcoming flagship will be the first Android phone to highlight USB Type C port, a reversible port that couldn’t care less which way you embed the link in (like Apple’s Lightning port on the iPhone).

The connection accomplishes more than simply charging the gadget (which tops out at 5A/20V/100W versus USB 2.0’s 2.5V), permitting feature yield too on account of higher 10Gbps speeds. Google focused on the new connector back when they disclosed the Chrome book Pixel 2 in March, so we expect it will likewise touch base in the current year’s Nexus dispatching toward the end of this current year. OnePlus appears to be certain their smart phone will be the first to utilize the new feature, so we expect an OnePlus2 dispatch is right around the bend.

OnePlus2 like OnePlus One will come up with minimal price with pretty good features in its kitty. The OnePlus2 price might go up to $349 for 64GB model and $400 for 128GB model.

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Source – OnePlus2

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