The Fault in our stars

by Giz TimesJune 16, 2015

This is purely an abstract story by one of our authors.

Is it possible to live with The Fault in our Stars?

The Fault in our Her eyes grazed the corners of his smile so swift in such a setting, trembling but strong, unprecedented but true and she longed for that kind of courage.

Sometimes the worst situation brings in its wake a beautiful miracle and hers was standing right in front of her. She blinked away the heaviness in her heart through her eyes and the fear in her voice cracked a joke.  The striking thing about misery is that after a while you adjust to it. There are no lines and lines of tears on your face, there are no stressed veins on your forehead, there is an eerie kind of silence in your brain and a peaceful smirk on your face because after all if the apocalypse could have been avoided, it wouldn’t have been named so.

Love, the feeling for her was utmost and unnecessary care and suffocating affection because in her situation love was instilled with the meaning of a therapy, but in his wake she realized that it was much more than that. Her happiness, independence, unquestionable ideas, whims and wishes and his insistence on fulfilling each of them was love. It was in the way they agreed to disagree on the most discussed theories of the world, on their candid conversations, not on sweet nothings but on the words and feelings that were important, on books, on theories, on freedom, on life and everything beyond. Love was special not because of the flowers and the gifts but for the gesture and the dreams. For the feeling of trust and understanding, for sending caution to the wind and crying out loud the affection but not so loud that the other hears. It was a said unsaid love.

It was all she knew because had it not been for him, her ordinary love would have died with her.  For years she had stood there staring at the sky trying to understand what the creator had in mind when he made shooting stars, what kind of downfall was so enchanting?? And then it hit her it was the very same she was living. The end was catastrophic for the both of them but the love left behind a line of beauty on which people fixated from far below and wished. Their love was pure like the thousands of wishes that would live on it. Shooting stars had a meaning after all and that was exactly why instead of praying to the creator we prayed and wished to one of the many miracles that he created.

His eyes often searched hers with answers and hers retaliating and asking even more questions but it was more engaging that way because the questions were true to their existence, they gave a meaning to their conversation, answers on the other hand may or may not have passed away in between.

It was not human portal of affection, nothing ordinary, it was that extraordinary sense of calm that washed over each of them when together. It was the smiles that lit up their eyes, it was genuine and discreet hushed beautiful conversation with two crossed hearts, two souls which had to create that one blinding light of a shooting star that would continue to catch unsaid love and wishes from the world.

Where people still believed that it was possible to live with the fault in their stars.

We all have them- The Fault in our stars, and we just don’t exist, we live with it.

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