The Evolution Of Love

by Giz TimesJune 18, 2015

Evolution the only thing that has been constant and true and yet we ignore its relevance in so many arenas. We have come a long way from the early man to Homo sapiens that we are today, revolutionized, urbanized and most importantly evolved yet when it comes to the matters of heart we are living in a creative rut. So why is it that we want to stick to the rudimentary idea of love and not accept that like all things in life this too has grown, progressed and changed?

We humans take pride in organizing details about our materialistic possessions. We like to boast of our stability, our habitat, our stature and our physique. But when it comes to dealing with love we follow the age old traditions and ideals that may not hold any significance today. Yes we dream of a love that is out of ordinary, magical and will transform our lives. But how far have we come in understanding its true meaning?

Steadfast was the love Romeo and Juliet shared, the love a devotee has for his lord, the love which doesn’t change with time, its nature is permanent in any given situation and circumstance. It is rigid and ever existing.

But is this the kind of love that sustains the relationships of today? Darwin spoke of the only law that governs the evolution that is “survival of the fittest”  then why haven’t humans entertained the thought that maybe love needs to progress just as much as the other things which are inevitable in our life. Why can’t humans accept and adapt to the Evolution of Love?

The pliable love as we can describe is more flexible, can be bent and is not prototyped. Love should be renamed, realizations questioned and feelings adjusted to suit the life we live today.

And yet we live in fairytales, in movies, in age old romance that just is too unreasonable to expect out of life. What we fail to understand is that sometimes it is not about how much or how firmly you can love a person. Sometimes it is not about the foolish blindness that is complimentary. Sometimes just sometimes it is about the approach you follow for your love, the way your love can turn around the mountain to find the right way and is not just hell bent on moving it.

Loving someone right carries the message of pliable love. It doesn’t lessens the degree of the love, affection, adoration, care and all other feelings. It is sensible but not heartless, it is practical but not oblivious, it is diverse but not difficult.

This love is far less dramatic and far more pure and pious because it doesn’t demand sacrifice it demands a little bit of compromise. It develops in a sustainable manner, nurtures itself and works through the daily mundane business that is life. Why should you pretend to be the man of her dreams or the angel of his universe? Human is what you are and human is how the relationship and your love should be.

Don’t run after perfection, or dream of possessing your partner. Words simply put, don’t confine the flow or the notch of your love, don’t just follow a sightless path, don’t be so elementary about it, don’t depend too much ,don’t distance yourself too much either. View yourself as team and your other half as human as you are.

Love is after all like an antique piano but the melodies that your parents’ love carved isn’t the same that you would like to trace. Or would you?


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