The Boy with the Golden Flute

by Giz TimesJune 21, 2015

This piece – The Boy with the Golden Flute is an abstract story written by one of our authors.

During the course of our life we often find and stick to the one ideal epitome of all we are meant to be. We believe it, fixate on it and follow it waiting for the sanction from the universe that, it is truly what we are.  One such unique story transcends words and thoughts. Its the story of The Boy with the Golden Flute.

It was unusual to notice such a person in this modernized perilous scientifically acclaimed world. But there he was! Serenity on his face, smile that never left his lips and a zeal deeper within to reshape the spiritual and temporal destiny of mankind. In a world of electric guitars and keyboards the only music that soothed his mind was the thrilling notes of a flute. He would walk down the lane with nothing but his persistent confidante music. And he would remind me of a similar personification of divinity, Krishna.

In fact he himself was enthused and inspired for a life like that of his beloved lord.

He would be left amazed with Krishna’s undying smile in all circumstances from the crib to the battle field and he would live in that unsurpassable ecstasy himself. Krishna was both his inspiration and a part of himself. He would sit down and ponder on how every thought of his has already being given out in this universe in the purest form of mysticism.  He lived this analogy through and through. He would play roles of a child, a comrade, friend, brother and all the times keeping in mind that, that is what they really were ROLES. That his true nature like that of the cow herder, charioteer, warrior, disciple, guru: KRISHNA was eternal, ever blissful consciousness.

He was mischievous and witty like his favored god himself very much a “chiita chora” (one who steals your mind). His intellect was his playing card and he would trace the spiritual laws and their practical aspects in life learning from his inspiration kanha more and more. He would want that order and chaos in his life that uncertainty bliss of the godliness.

What he admired the most of bhagwan Krishna’s analogies was the love that he exuberated. It was love for love’s own sake. And he chooses to love in a similar way. Feeling the pain of separation but not forgetting that love doesn’t entail in itself the answers to all the queries in life.

So here was this boy on a busy street in Delhi around the corner pavement with his flute, trying to sing the same soul song that rendered million prayers every day. He wouldn’t pray to his God ,he would live his God.

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