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The Blogger who has a thing for destroying Apple Products – TechRax

by Giz TimesJune 16, 2015


Meet US-based blogger TechRax, the man who has practical experience in griefless devastation of Apple gadgets. He has got a thing for destroying the Apple Products. His most recent “casualty” is a $10,000 Apple Watch Gold Edition being crushed between two neodymium magnets that apply a power equalling to 650 pounds. That is an Apple watch with 18 karats immaculate gold in it. Destroying the Apple Products is not that easy!

The feature, which was transferred on YouTube on Sunday, have officially gathered more than 1.3 million perspectives till the season of documenting the story. TechRax, whose genuine name is Taras Maksimuk and is 21 years of age, is no Apple hater. Behind the silly demonstration is a shrouded masterstroke by another type of business visionaries riding up the benefit chart in online space. TechRax appears to know his maths well and comprehend Google AdSense stage altogether.

Google offers promotions on his features for anywhere in the range of $2.50 to $5 per thousand impressions and takes 32 for each penny off the top. That leaves TechRax with a CPM, as indicated by YouTube Money Calculator, in the middle of $1.46 and $3.40. Furthermore, in the event that you know your maths well, you’ll get a decent picture of TechRax carrying on with a productive life by decimating iOS items. It’s all about what…or rather how much impressions you can create. The blogger has beforehand dropped an Apple Watch Sport, costing $349 from a tallness of just shy of four feet (1.2 meters) and the feature got very nearly 2 million perspectives on YouTube. His “Don’t Boil Your iPhone 6 in CocaCola!” feature got an astounding 14.5 million or more perspectives and “What Happens If You Shoot an iPhone 6” feature on YouTube has been seen more than 5 million times and numbering.


Check out TechRax destroying the apple products, and here the apple watch in the video given below.

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