The Biggest Boat – Cancer Can’t Assassinate Love

by Giz TimesJune 30, 2015

The Biggest Boat – Cancer Can’t Assassinate Love

He could not see beyond those eyes. He could not see beyond that smile. It didn’t matter to him whether they understood or not. For him there it was, his world in not so many sights. Love was like that for him. She. And it ended right there. He could feel their inquisitive eyes on him. Their condescending remarks, their unpleasant songs and unsaid blasphemy. He just chose not to hear. He would sit there all day telling her his stories, his experiences, his mundane routine, his every little detail from his average life. For him she was the day and night, his spring and winter, his laugh and his tears. For him she was so much more.

And she would listen with all her heart and mind, word after word and she would smile and laugh and roll her eyes and beam at him. For her all her time was his, all her curiosity was for him, all her schedule was him, all her job was he. And she fell harder and harder each day. Words and sentences formed a queue in her throat and feelings swayed at her heart. And she hopped from one to another trying to get the best ones ready. So when she would see him again at noon and he would get a board she would be able to nod at the correct letters, the ones that molded a little bit of her affection in those sentences.

The nurse looked at them holding hands. They were young and she always thought that this generation rushed when talking about forever but in those few moments when the frail girl formed the words “I LOVE YOU” in the notes with her quivering hands she knew that she had been mistaken. Love never had changed it was equal if not stronger than before.

She knew she wouldn’t survive maybe he did too. But for them their infinity ended right there. The attainable love the unnumbered stars, her wishes, her dreams, his duties, his vows and most of all their love, because no matter where they went from that hospital bed, their souls were entangled in the stiffest and most beautiful knot.  Love doesn’t die, it doesn’t survive either it rushes back and forth like the lines on the ventilator system living through you and dying too. It doesn’t see it adores, it doesn’t judge it supports, it doesn’t rebel it manifests it’s not around you it’s within you.

“They will take me in a boat “, she spelled. He blinked back his tears. His heart sank with the sound of the machines. He knew she needed assurance, so he swallowed his pain in one gulp, grazed her cold skin, held onto her and spoke , “yup in a beautiful boat and don’t worry , love ,I will carry you home”. Boats were her favorite things in the world, she always wanted to live in one. So before the mishap dented their dreams, he vowed to create her a home at the sea. And in that moment, releasing her from all the machines, he knew exactly where to bring her.

They sat hand in hand in the middle of the sea, and with her last breath she smiled her aches and threw her love. The love that was going to support him for the rest of his life. He still lives at the boat where they made a home. And he loved her for the rest of his breaths.

Love like them. Love when you can’t see it plausible, love when reason is against it, love when you can’t, love when you don’t want to, love when it gets too hard, love when it scares you from the start, love when the emotions curl up to die, love when on no one you can rely, love because it maybe be lovely to note that your love is the biggest boat.

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