Taliban Leader Mullah Mohammed Omar Dead

by Mrinal VermaJuly 30, 2015

The Taliban has a great influence on Afghanistan and Pakistan. It started as a political movement, but their activities and work has been condemned openly by the world, especially for their treatment of women. Recently BBC reported that the leader of the group, a man named Mullah Mohammed Omar has died. They report that they have been informed by Afghan officials. There has been a lot of speculation around his state for years as it was still unclear whether he was still alive or not.

He was first reported to be dead in 2011. When the Taliban were informed of the rumour, they made a public statement letting the world know that their leader is alive and prospering, and still following the path they preach. They even went ahead to say that such news were spread by their enemies to create distraction, and it was their propaganda. In 2013, he was again reported dead but these were still rumours. There weren’t enough evidence or news to state it as a fact. But more information on the topic has been revealed now after a meeting of the Afghan cabinet.

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar dies

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar dies


Reports says that Omar did die in 2013 but the lack of proof stopped them from making an official statement. The Khaama Press reports that Pakistani and Afghani authorities have both agreed on the news and decided to make it public.


It does seem good news for the world, especially the United States, who have been the main target of a lot of terrorist attacks. They offered a reward of 10 million dollars for the capture of the leader and the rest of the team. Even after having an organized and highly trained party hunting them, they somehow always managed to escape their capture. A lot of different theories and guesses about their refugees have come forward. One of them stated that they were hiding near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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