Still No Signs of the New Frank Ocean Album

by Mrinal VermaAugust 9, 2015

Everyone who has been hanging onto their life, waiting for Frank Ocean’s album have to wait a little more, we are sad to say. Seems like Frank Ocean is teasing his fans. In earlier reports, it was said that his new album will be released by the end of July 2015, but we are already in the first week of August and there is still no sign of even a new single by him. It does break our heart, but we are not the only one. Almost everyone on the Internet is either angry or really sad because of all the waiting they had done with no fruits, and for all the waiting they still have to do.

Ocean’s first album ruled the charts and with just one record, he became an international superstar. It is not a surprise since Frank Ocean is highly talented and touches normal people with his brilliant voice and relatable lyrics. The success of his first album made everyone excited of what was further in the store, and since then, everyone has been waiting. There are still no signs of his second and new album, Boys Don’t Cry.

“Due to the detrimental issue of Frank Ocean never releasing a promised album, it is confirmed and safe to say I HAVE TRUST ISSUES, THX FRANK OCEAN,” tweeted the user @nicolesimonee

People have been tweeting pictures and GIFs to explain their disappointment. Ocean has become a highly respected artist with just one record, so obviously, the sadness amongst the fans was understandable. Also read: One Direction proves their phenomenon With Drag Me Down

There are also rumours flying around of a new merchandise design. Reports claim that the new merchandise will also be released in stores with his second album. There still is no official word about anything, but fans can hang onto our hope, right?

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

One thing we can sure of is that, his new album, whenever it is released, is going to break records and win many hearts.

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