A Special Episode For Sherlock Fans Is In The Making

by Mrinal VermaSeptember 3, 2015

Nobody knows the meaning of patience and agony better than Sherlock fans. The BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson is definitely known for having well-written and brilliantly crafted episodes, but it is even more famous for putting out only three episodes in the time period of two to three years. It is no wonder thefans view themselves as a little crazy.

The show was first expected to be on air in 2016, but those hopes were stomped upon by the official news. It is now said that the filming of the fourth season will be happening in 2016, even though a set schedule is not drafted yet. But the fans can expect to see their beloved show back on TV in 2017. We only hope that the date is not pushed back further again. Everyone knows our fandom gets a little weird on Tumblr during hiatus.

Though there is some good news for the lovers of the show. Steven Moffat, co-creator of the series, revealed that there will be a special episode which will be released before the next season. The episode is rumoured to be a Christmas special, and the storyline goes back to the classic Holmes canon. Also Read – NEW FRIENDS FAN THEORY GOES VIRAL

The original settings in the books will be reprised for the special, and it definitely will be a change from the new outlook we have been seeing Sherlock in. The series portrays the character of Sherlock Holmes in a modern day London where he is still very much involved in his deductions and crime-solving. It truly will be a pleasure to watch Cumberbatch take the character of Sherlock to another level of brilliance, because it is a popular opinion that the actor is the best Sherlock the world has ever seen.

Sherlock Special Episode

Sherlock Special Episode

Moffat was particularly excited about the project. He, as a writer, wanted to see Cumberbatch and Freeman take the scene back to the basics. He also commented on how these two actors are now the only ones who have been a part of period and contemporary presentation of the story, except Basic Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Cumberbatch will be sharpening up his skills as an actor to portray the same character in a different light. Even though the episode will be separate from the present story and future seasons, it will still be extremely relevant to the series as a whole.

Season three of the show ended with Sherlock being called back as signs of Moriarty being alive were broadcasted all throughout London. It will be fun to see how the writers build up a new storyline whilst still respecting the present canon.

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