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Sony Xperia Z4 Price Worldwide

by Giz TimesNovember 13, 2014

Xperia Z4 Price Worldwide

Sony Xperia Z4 Launched With 5.2” FHD display in Japan

After numerous weeks of gossipy tidbits and holes, Sony has formally revealed its next lead – Xperia Z4. The new Xperia Z4 is the successor of the Xperia Z3 yet has just been declared in Japan market for the time being.

We have already talked about Xperia Z4 features and release date earlier, and now talk of the town about Z4 among Xperia lovers is its expected price in their region. Sony Xperia Z4 price is expected to be much higher as compare to Xperia Z3 which was launched at IFA 2014. And in return consumers will get the value for their money.

Xperia Z4 Price Region Wise

Xperia Z4 price in India – 60,000 INR

Sony Xperia Z4 price in USA – $1000 USD

Xperia Z4 price in UK – £635 British Pound Sterling

Sony Xperia Z4 in Canada – 1130 Canadian Dollar

Xperia Z4 price in Sweden – 7420 Swedish Krona

Sony Xperia Z4 Price in Denmark – 5980 Danish Krone

Sony Xperia Z4 price in South Africa – 11212 South African Rand

Xperia Z4 price in Malaysia – 3335 Malaysian Ringgit

Sony Xperia Z4 price in Hong Kong – 7754 Hong Kong Dollar

Xperia Z4 price in Philippines – 44890 Philippine Peso

Xperia Z4 price in Mauritius – $1000 USD

Sony Xperia Z4 price in Indonesia – 12202000 Indonesian Rupiah

Xperia Z4 price in Japan – 115770 Japanese Yen

Sony Xperia Z4 price in Qatar – 3640 Qatari Rial

Xperia Z4 price in South Korea – 1097750 South Korean Won

Xperia Z4 price in Austria – 800 Euro

Xperia Z4 price in China – 6107 Chinese Yuan

Sony Xperia Z4 price in Bangladesh – 77170 Bangladeshi Taka

Sony Z4 price in Australia – 1147 Australian Dollar

Xperia Z4 price in Nepal – 99760.00 Nepalese Rupee

Xperia Z4 price in Sri Lanka – 130875 Sri Lankan Rupee

Xperia Z4 price in Russia – 45907 Russian Ruble

Xperia Z4 price in Chile – 594470 Chilean Peso

Xperia Z4 price in Mexico – 13566 Mexican Peso

Xperia Z4 price in Europe – 800 Euro

Xperia Z4 price in Iraq – 1163000 Iraqi Dinar

Xperia Z4 price in Israel – 3810 Israeli New Sheqel

Sony Xperia Z4 Price in Netherlands – 800 Euro

Xperia Z4 price in Germany – 800 Euro

Xperia Z4 price in Saudi Arabia – 3752 Saudi Riyal

Xperia Z4 price in Norway – 6806 Norwegian Krone

Xperia Z4 price in Singapore – 1292 Singapore Dollar

Xperia Z4 price in Thailand – 32830 Thai Baht

Xperia Z4 price in Belgium – 800 Euro

Xperia Z4 price in Switzerland – 966 Swiss Franc

Xperia Z4 Price in Turkey – 2254 Turkish Lira

Sony Xperia Z4 price in Ireland – 800 Euro.

We will updating more news on Sony Xperia Z4 Price region-wise, so stay tuned and do not forget to share this post on FB, Twitter and Google Plus. 🙂

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