Self Help: A Revelation

by Giz TimesJune 19, 2015

Walking in a bookstore there is always this one section which is a lucrative choice, whether you are a student, a working professional or a home maker, you will always find this section of self help books appealing. This is due the criticism that we fondly have for ourselves, our constant desire to look for solutions, for answers because we don’t seem to understand that the authors of these very books don’t hold the elucidations that we specifically require. So is self help just a myth?

We get so busy planning the morbid events in our life that we sink deeper into a stage where we would require a self-help book or a self-proclaimed guru to bring us out of the rut that our lives have become. Whether you are seeking advice on relationships, depression, anxiety or insomnia. The modus operandi is the same. Google the name of the most popular self help book and rush to your nearest bookstore to get a copy. Or maybe research on the names of the preachers and self-proclaimed gurus follow them and their movements as if they hold the switch that could bring light into your life.

Self help books in their essence are not just mere practicing of certain principles which our predefined. Among the titles like “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” any reader is bound to get carried away and conclude that his flaws or his trials all can be dealt with just disciplined reading. So what is it that we really need to do in order to get the best of these supplements of advices that rain more and more every day?

Solve your mistakes with a unique approach – this is the foremost thing that we need to keep in mind. Your self-help book though will provide you with a lot of time tested ideals. But your situation is new to this universe because like you it is unique.

Do not ignore reality- however tempting it might be in no scenario ignore the practical aspect of a situation. Problems don’t get solved by reading up on their solutions. In fact reading too many self-help books may give you a sense of knowledge but will do nothing to the ordeal in hand until you learn to apply it.

Know who you follow – they may claim to have the best of knowledge but how true are the facts these self- made Gurus preach? Know the reason of ensuing your ideal. Most of them are frauds and the others not so “preach-worthy”!

Make sure you are not being sold to- no matter how noble the deed of providing self-help is, this is after all an industry like any other. Be a wise customer if you do intend on buying this self-help experience.

Get the work done- yes, you need to meditate, visualize and list but most importantly after all this planning you need to do. A lot of self-helpers think they just need to put more effort into their self-help practice when they should actually be putting more work into their work.

Basically the gist is that, “There is no one way to live our lives, no quick fix,” Krznaric states. “Life is complicated; we should accept that. But we have a huge realm of knowledge to draw upon: history, philosophy, film, literature, and all manner of personal experiences. We should stop looking purely inside ourselves, and swap our introspection for outrospection. It might do us all the world of good.”

So the next time keep that book aside and ask yourself for a practical solution, listen to you mind and heart. Mix it well and serve your best. Life is going to enjoy your durable self-achieved dish.

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