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Samsung Galaxy S6 Infographics

by Giz TimesNovember 1, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 Infographics

Galaxy S6 Launch Date – Latest Update 

Finally the time has arrived and Samsung is ready to launch its brand new phone. This much awaited phone is now in the news and has become the hot potato. Samsung S6 is now set to flood the markets with its first handset to unveil on 1st of  March 2015.

Samsung S6 launch date is now few months away and is expected to have high-end specs which will surely lure you instantly. Here is an infographics of Samsung Galaxy S6 giving information Galaxy S6 features and specs, specially designed by team of

Galaxy S6 Infographics

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Note – The above infographics is purely based upon rumors. There is no official news about Samsung S6 yet.

Galaxy S6 Infographics & Concept Image By Giztimes

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