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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Price, Release Date, Features And News

by Giz TimesMay 13, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 To Launch At IFA 2015

After the successful release of Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note Edge Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2. What next is the question in everyone’s mind whoever thinks about the new launch ? And what we are getting to know from our sources , Samsung has really worked hard on the second installment of the galaxy note edge series.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Body

The body of the phone will not be much different from the galaxy note edge, with slight decrement in thickness from the previous installment. Galaxy note edge 2 will come with finger print sensor with the traditional S Pen stylus of the note series. The significant development that’s going to happen in the body design and look is that Samsung is planning to launch the phone in in multiple color variants which may include neon colors also (well this looks not to be possible !! I mean note with neon colors !!).

Note Edge 2 Display

Well as far as the display is concerned it’s going to surely better than that of the predecessor. Though the screen resolution is likely be the same as the previous phone but the ppi is expected to take a significant leap. The screen will be Super Amoled with the resolution of 1600 x 2560. And yes the most important thing the “edge” is going to get more gorgeous and stylish. The phone will have 5.9 inches screen display.

Samsung Note Edge 2 Platform

Well not much improvement in the platform the galaxy note edge 2 will run likely on the same chip set with an improved RAM from 3 GB to 4GB. What’s may disappoint edge fans is the fact that the phone will not be able to be launched with Android M. Sources tell us that the upgrade will be available but the phone will be launched with Android Lollipop OS.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Camera

What’s exiting me is the camera of the phone. The camera of the new galaxy note edge will take a huge leap from its predecessor. The camera is going to 20MP (from 16MP in the galaxy note edge 1. And is going to be accompanied by many lucrative feature like optical image stabilization and many others. The front camera is also a pillar that Samsung has worked upon, making 5 Mega Pixel from 3.7 Mega Pixel from the previous phone and also improving sections like video recording.

Edge 2 Other Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 really going to come out with a few eye catching features like the features of S pen is going to be expanded. The S pen is expected to improve and some sort of feature will be included is the phone which will connect the “edge” with the “pen. Another rumor coming out is that the phone will be waterproof which from my view is unlikely to occur.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Battery

Not much seems to be done with battery of with phone which is expected to 3,300mAh (as compared to 3000mAh is the galaxy note edge). The performance of the battery is also expected to be the same.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Price

Well what Samsung is going to surprise fans is with the price of the phone. The phone is likely to launched at the price tag of 43,000 INR ($680) which is quite low as compared to the previous note edge.

Galaxy Note Edge 2 Release Date

The release of the phone is expected to be in the 3rd quarter of 2015. As sources to Giztimes saying the release is expected to be in September IFA event 2015.

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