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by Giz TimesSeptember 2, 2017

Samsung’s foray into the mobile world has taken a drastic twist and in a really amazing way to say the least. We are talking about the Galaxy S8, it took Samsung 7 iterations to perfect their mobile design and bring to the table a completely revamped one with a gorgeous look, lots of features and the hardware to back it up.

This innovation started with Note Edge, bending the display to one side, now the dual curve edges just melt away into the body giving the display an infinity feel, if we don’t mind the stretched aspect ratio. Since Galaxy Note 8 will be just an update to this design, fast forward and we get the Note 9.

It’s been rumored that this will be Samsung’s next big thing, a phablet to innovate and shake the mobile world again. The Galaxy Note 9 was recently shown off in a patent leak with edge displays and a more rectangular stretched design.

The display is rumored to scale up to 6.3 or more with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio scaled to 4K. This in Samsung’s OLED panel promises sharp and vivid colors, not to mention the deep blacks we’ve all loved. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will also be the first device to come with fingerprint sensor integrated into the display, something we are waiting for since the S8 has an awkward sensor positioning. Apart from this Samsung is amping up the specs, now scaling it to 16 Megapixels up from the iterated 12 that we have been seeing. It will also be a dual camera setup, with lenses of different focal length, one at 58mm and the other 24mm, for better camera experience.

One rumor points to a tipping the scale up to 1.4 for the aperture, along with OIS, now this blend of hardware is something we are waiting for. On the spec side, Samsung is believed to be working on Exynos 9 with a new 4nm lithography, also Qualcomm is updating their Snapdragon lineup too, we will have a butter smooth hardware to run the latest version of Android.

All this package will run on a 4100mAh battery lasting a full day of heavy usage. Latest specs, a new design and new features, Galaxy Note 9 will surely be the next big thing.

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