RSS Attacks IIT’s and IIM’s, Calls them Anti-Hindu

by Giz TimesJuly 21, 2015

RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), the BJP’s ideological mentor is in the habit of making some pro Hindu statements. But this custodian of Hinduism is quickly gaining the dislike of many by calling institutions like IITs and IIMs “anti- Hindu” and “anti- nation”.


In a recent article that appeared in the RSS weekly- Organiser, it has strongly criticized India’s premium institutions, disregarding their contribution in giving the country some of its biggest scientists and corporates. It has claimed that IITs and IIMs are encouraging “anti- Hindu” activities. According to the article, the institutes are still controlled by the Left and the Congress, who are masters of the ideological control. The article has accused the faculties of having low moral and misguiding students.



While these statements have caused nothing short of a havoc amongst educationists and academicians, the RSS has even gone as far as to quote names. Specifically aiming a dig at Anil Kakodkar, who recently resigned from the post of chairman of the board of governors of IIT Delhi, the article has blamed him for criticizing the HRD ministry. Mr. Kakodkar had accused the HRD minister Smirti Irani of taking the recruitment of IIT directors casually. The article has blamed him for showing bias since he did not say anything about the “kiss of love” protest by IIT Bombay faculty and students. Even A M Naik, the chairman of IIM Ahemdabad was criticized in the article. The RSS sees the serving of non vegetarian food at IIT Roorkee as anti religious since the institute is located in the holy land of Haridwar.


Terming anything that is rational as “anti- Hindu” and challenging the very principles of scientific inquiry may pose a huge threat to the Indian education system. The danger is even greater than the appointment of party favorites as the heads of institutes, because it is something that every party does. Seen in this light, the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairman of FTII, appears to be a pilot test for the RSS. It seems that the RSS wants to dismantle the autonomy of the education sector and take over the control through HRD ministry. Its main motive seems to be the saffronistaion of the country, rather than providing the students in the country with quality education.


The protests by the students and teachers of FTII, backed by the television and film industry, are being seen as “anti- Hindu” acts by the RSS. The government isn’t giving in and rather than appointing a more qualified chairman, it would prefer students selected by merit leave the institution. Probably it is the fear of putting their saffronisation plans under pressure that the government and RSS are not relenting.


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Even the Nobel laureate, Amartya Sen was heard saying on NDTV that there is a clear Hindutva pattern in the appointment of educational and cultural institutions. The RSS is perhaps forgetting that being pro Hindu is not a qualification for any institution or any student graduating from it. Another loop hole in this strategy is the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s self avowed ambition to make India a superpower. The displacement of the rational with the ideological is in direct contradiction with his plans.
The government cant possibly make technological and economic progress with religious ideologies and cargo cult science practitioners. Both RSS and the government need to realize that such practices can only take the country backwards.


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