Reply Of BJP On Rahul’s Comment On Narendra Modi Regarding Vyapam Scam

by Gaurav SunejaJuly 18, 2015


Rahul Gandhi’s Comment On Narendra Modi Regarding Vyapam Scam finally provoked BJP to reply back to his criticism.  Rahul Gandhi in a meeting in which he was addressing the party workers in Jaipur said that Land Acquisition Bill will not be passed in the Parliament and Congress will not let BJP acquire even a square inch of land. He added that Modi’s 56 inch chest will become 5.6 inch. To this BJP replied that Rahul Gandhi has to “grow out of diapers”. Vishwa Hindu Parishsad (VHP) criticized Rahul Gandhi for using such intemperate language against the Prime Minister.

In his speech Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi also criticized Prime Minister NArendra  Modi for not taking any steps against the Vyapam scam and keeping silent in case of Vasundhara Raje and Lalit Modi. He also said that Congress will raise this issue in the upcoming monsoon session of the Parliament. Also, they will not allow the NDA government to pass the Land Acquisition Bill and the Goods and Service Tax (GST) Bill. BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh said that it is only because of the blessings of the crores of Indians that the 56-inch chest has been realized and Rahul should not dare measure it as it could prove costly to him. Moreover, he told Rahul Gandhi a toddler and it was not nice to advise a toddler. He also advised Rahul Gandhi to criticize the government only on the basis of facts.

The fight between BJP and Congress had continued for past many years and will continue for many more. Being a democratic nation each and every individual be it in the opposition has every right to criticize the government and the Prime Minister of our country but he should take care the words which he is using. According to some people it is not good to use such words against the Prime Minister of a country. Also, the party in power should look into the issues which are raised by the opposition and all other people. Moreover, opposition should patient as it has been only one year for the NDA government to be in power it should give some more time to it in order to prove themselves. In addition to this they should also take part in the discussion on various bills in the Parliament rather than making a chaos as NDA has come to power to serve the people of the country and not for ruling.

Rahul Gandhi's comment

Rahul Gandhi’s comment ON Modi

Instead of criticizing and fighting with one another all the political parties should work together in peace and harmony so that our country could move forward on the path of progress as all the parties have differences between them but these should be kept aside as a nation is much more important than a single party.

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