Regression Movie Trailer: Hauntingly Thrilling

by Mrinal VermaJuly 7, 2015

Regression Movie Trailer: Hauntingly Thrilling!

The wait for all the Emma Watson’s fans is over! After a long break, Watson is finally back in the game with the trailer of her new film, Regression. The Harry Potter star took a short break from her acting to finish her degree and spend some time with her family, but she still has been working on her upcoming projects and she, with the rest of the members of the production, was happy to announce the new trailer which paints a picture of a dark, thrilling, and nerve-shattering story that fans cannot wait to see and find out the truth behind the mystery which circles the plot of the film.

The movie is an American-Spanish horror thriller which is directed and written by Alejandro Amenábar. The cast of the film is filled with well-known and talented names like Ethan Hawke, David Dencik and David Thewlis, besides Emma Watson. It is also a joy for the Potterheads who get to see their beloved Hermione Granger and Professor Lupin share screen space once again.

Regression Movie - Emma Watson

Regression Movie – Emma Watson

It is the first film Amenabar is doing in the last six years which tells the story of a young woman named Angela who accuses her father of a crime. Hawke plays a detective in the movie who comes in to investigate the case. The thrill in the plot starts when Angela’s father has no memory of doing any crime, and hence a psychologist is brought into the picture. The deep, dark and horrific secrets are revealed and the story plummets to another stage with the real buzz coming into action. The plot is set in Minnesota of 1990, a point in history where satanic rituals were at its peak in the States. The trailer also hints to a supernatural element in the movie but the real truth has been kept under covers for now to increase the excitement amongst the fans.

All we can say is we are extremely anxious (and a teensy-bit scared to watch the film). We love the cast, we love the storyline and we are already stocking our candies in our socks to sneak into the theatre.

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