Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union | Brexit wins as Britain votes to leave European Union

by Giz TimesJune 24, 2016
  • UK Voters have voted out in the favor of Brexit | British exit from the European Union. Furher, Northern Ireland and the Scotland are calling for a break-away from the United Kingdom itself.
  • The euro have already slumped about 4% against the US dollar on concerns a ‘Brexit’ voting concerns which would do a wider economic & political damage to Europe.
  • Remain a member of the European Union : 48 %
  • Leave the European Union : 52 %
  • Brexit also intensified the case for vote on a united Ireland.
  • The United Kingdom have voted by 52 percent to 48 percent to leave the European Union after nearly 43 years in an historic-referendum.
  • 84 Conservative Member of Parliament who campaigned for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union have written to PM David Cameron urging him to remain as PM, whatever the result is.

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