Ranveer Singh – The Ravishing Powerhouse Of Bollywood

by Garima JaitlyJuly 7, 2015


He is unconventionally the “portable charger” of Bollywood, the man who dances like a dream, witty as hell and acts brilliantly. Talk about versatility! And he leaves every woman grinning ear to ear like a love-struck teenager. Our candid and energetic Desi boy,  gets his contemporaries as well as his directors dance on his wayward tunes and  his oomph is such it helps you in your ugliest days. The new age Ram – Ranveer Singh.

In a world where everyone wants to portray themselves as someone they are not, his forthrightness struck a chord with the youth. From the Bittu Sharma in “Band Baja Barat” to his “oh-so-suave” Varun Srivastav in “Lootera”. He packed our hearts and took them with him. He is not classified or thought of to be as the most handsome hero but the amount of conidences he oozes is sure to put even the veterans in a bit of a fix. An avid fan of  “Mr India”,  Anil Kappoor and Govinda, this sindhi boy has Bollywood in his veins and heart.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh

He is the “cool” guy of Indian cinema with his quirky ideas and defying the conventional ideals. The youth of today needs a voice not manipulated and assured enough. Someone who is honest in his dealings, in a world where superheroes wear masks, the young lot loves this unmasked crazy fellow. He ventures into untouched areas with such ease. Whether it is endorsing condoms or a food brand,he does justice to both.

He is high on style, hilarious and full of vigor, something that leads on the youth of today by ding his bit, like the heart-warming advertisement of mid-day meal,he is creating and leaving an impact much needed and appreciated.

He is someone from whom we can learn a very basic rule something we have forgotten in this world today and that is to Smile as often as you can and Laugh the hardest, after all you have this one life only better make it worth every breath.

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