Pk-Eyes like ‘Headlight’ and Ears like ‘Flying Saucer’ – Explore and Perceive the world of ‘Pk’

by Giz TimesNovember 2, 2014

Pk-Eyes like ‘Headlight’ and Ears like ‘Flying Saucer’ – Explore and Perceive the world of ‘Pk’

Pk – First Day collection ( Latest Update)

Pk is out and it has proved to be a hot potato.The film was released in around 5000 screens in India and 600 screens internationally. It has succeeded in minting 26.63 crore on the first day but was not successful in beating in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘ Happy New Year’ opening day record. Although the movie surprisingly couldn’t surpass the first day collection of ‘ Happy New Year’ , ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Dhoom 3’ , it is expected to grow over the weeks for it’s unusual theme and the presence of an all time star – Aamir Khan.

Analysing Pk – About the movie , cast , trailer, posters and Everything You Need To Know About ‘Pk’

Starring Aamir Khan in the titular role and Anushka Sharma as the Lead actress, Pk is directed by the Rajkumar Hirani, produced by Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Sidharth Roy Kapoor. The screenplay of the movie is by Abhijit Joshi, Rajkumar Hirani , Aamir Khan and Sirag Nambiar. The movie has Sushant Singh Rajput , Boman Irani , Sanjay Dutt and Saurabh Shukla in the supporting roles. With a Brilliant cast and a director who has given hits like Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage raho Munna Bhai and 3 Idiots, Pk’s posters and Trailer has succeeded in winning a positive response already.

PK Poster

PK Poster

Pk – The ‘Namuna’


Pk started with a different sort of promotion strategy by releasing the movie’s first look in the format of a photo album rather than a Trailer. This was in fact a very wise decision made by the team of Pk as it triumphed in creating the ‘curiosity’ in the minds of the public, forcing them to think what is Pk all about. It was a cliffhanger moment when the various posters were released and people saw Pk holding the ‘Bhairosingh Band’ loudspeaker, dressed up as a policeman, dancing with Anushka Sharma and of course not to forget the Nude poster in which Pk is holding a radio set to hide his essentials. People reacted to these posters in myriad ways, especially the poster in which Aamir has dared to stir the nudity quotient – which in fact has been regarded by many critics as a copy of the poster released in 1973 by a Portuguese musician Quim Barreiros to promote his music album. However, Aamir has cleared this accusation by saying that the poster has been made not to grab attention, but because it holds an extreme significance to the plot.

One of the interesting things to notice about these posters is that all of them show Pk as a different character. With his weird attires and ‘different’ look, Pk makes us question if he is an alien, an insane man or is he ‘Everyman’ who can be anybody and everybody. Surely, the posters have succeeded in putting the movie into a totally different category. Whether it succeeds in creating an all together different Canon of Bollywood movies, is something that only time will tell.


The Trailer of the movie was launched on 23rd October 2014 – the day of the release of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year. The trailer won applaud as soon as it was released as it offered everything that was expected from a movie like Pk – comedy, laughter, innocence, love, quirkiness, curiosity and even gave a hint of tragedy.

The trailer starts with Pk’s voice making it clear to the people who cannot identify him, that he is in fact Pk ! The very beginning of the trailer shows Aamir Khan going on what seems like a journey, with his bags packed. The very fact that Pk is not easily identifiable due to his various eerie attires makes the viewer introspect his own being , leads to an identity crisis and evokes the audience to question – “Who is Pk ? “.

Jagat Janani’s (Played by Anushka Sharma) voice takes over the trailer as she describes and tries to answer this question of the viewer. She describes Pk as a ‘Namuna’ or Sample – who has the tendency to correct everyone’s mistake , has got eyes like ‘headlights’ and ears like ‘flying saucer’ . His character is made more innocent when she describes him with ‘Satrangi’ clothes- symbolizing all colors and his dance to be ‘atranngi’ or disparate. He is shown as a person who takes money from the blinds’ ‘katora’ who beg at every bridge of a city – which he calls his ‘ATM’ and a person who steals clothes from the desolate streets – when couples are making love in a car. All these events add a comic tone to his personality. Aamir Khan is shown with Green Popping eyes and an adorable Smile which makes him look impeccable.

The trailer proceeds by showing the actors in supporting roles- Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput , Boman Irani , Sanjay Dutt and Sidharth Shukla. Bhairo singh played by Sanjay Dutt is shown as the owner of the ‘ Bhairo Singh Band’ . It is rumoured that Rajkumar Hirani has shown Sushant Singh Rajput as Jagat Janani’s one sided lover. Jagat Janani’s character can be speculated from the trailer as a journalist who is a pseudo-sex worker, or she might even have a double role. Besides this Boman Irani’s character seems to be a ‘shameless one’ as he has the balls to remove his pants on a show named ‘Baat Cheet’ when Anushka Sharma is shown handling the camera. Rajkumar Hirani’s statement that the movie will be a satire on “Hindu Gods and God men” is reiterated when we see Sidharth Shukla in the trailer giving ‘ashirwaad’.

Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan In PK Film

Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan In PK Film


Jagat Janani then goes on to say that people could not understand him or his ways. Pk is seen running away from the Muslims in one shot of the trailer and from the Hindus in the other. This summons us to feel confident that a movie like Pk will greet the issues of Religion with derision and hence provoke the audience to think.

The strangeness in the name ‘Pk’ is finally questioned by the narrator herself in the trailer when she states that he was named ‘Pk’ , even though, he hadn’t drank a drop of alcohol in his life. This further induces laughter in the audience. But this is soon followed by Amir Khan walking nude (covering just his private parts by a radio set) on a railway track with a look on his face that disturbs us. He looks like someone who is searching for his clothes on a superficial level but if looked at deeply, his gaze asks for something that would add meaning to his being. At the same time his innocent green eyes seem to be questioning and have a feeling of anger and frustration towards the corrupt society. The trailer is hence able to live up to the expectation of a Rajkumar Hirani movie, which always has a social message.


The title of the movie is in fact the name of the character. But who is Pk, is unknown. We don’t know if he is just a normal human being, a situation, an alien or a mad man. But one thing that we perceive from his description in the Trailer is that a part of him exists in each and every one of us, thus giving Pk a universal importance. He appears to be a mystery in himself, which in fact every man is!


The shooting officially began on 1 Feb 2013 and the filming was scheduled to occur over a period of 45 days in Delhi and Rajasthan. A 26 day filming was scheduled in Delhi from 27 September 2013. In October 2013, when the Filming was going on in Chandni Chowk area of New Delhi, a FIR was lodged against the film makers for hurting the religious sentiments in a scene where a man dressed as Lord Shiva pulls a Rickshaw with two Burqa clad women as passengers.


With such a huge positive response towards the posters and trailers and wise promotion strategies, Pk is expected to be a huge hit. In terms of the First Day Box Office Collection, It is predicted that the movie will do really well and will earn approximately 40 crores or more. If or not it is able to cross the collection of SRK’s Happy New Year is something we will get to know with time.

Lets see, what happens on 19th December 2014 !

Watch PK Official Trailor

Stay tuned for more coverage on Pk !

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