Patidar reservation Agitation

by Gaurav SunejaAugust 31, 2015

“Reservation”, a process which was started in India in order to provide opportunities to the people of backward classes so that they can improve their status in the society. Earlier the reservation was started with this aim and only some of the backward classes were there who were given reservation and as the time passed more and more communities came forward to get its advantage.

The recent agitation by the Patel community to get a reservation and get included in the Other Backward Classes shows that this demand is increasing at a rapid rate. Their agitation got converted into a riot and there was loss of life and property. Earlier, the Supreme Court suspended the demand of Jats of getting a reservation. Hardik Patel, who is the leader of this agitation had challenged BJP  that he would take the rally in Ahmedabad. He also said that they would take this movement all over the nation and they are thinking of holding a protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and also in Lucknow. He added that according to him 85% of people in India are poor and all poor should get a reservation and if the Supreme Court can open at midnight for a terrorist then many things should change accordingly.

Hardik Patel arrived in Delhi on Saturday in order to meet the representatives of the Jat and Gujjar communities along with members of his own community, in Delhi. The main aim of the Hardik is to bring all the communities under one umbrella for so that they can also get the benefits of reservation. Shwetang Patel, who died in police custody during the riots which broke out after the arrest of Hardik Patel was from Bapunsgsr, his funeral procession began early in the morning on 30 August and many people came out on the streets to pay their homage to Shwetang Patel. His last rites were carried out in the presence of Army, BSF and CRPF. After the riots army was brought to Ahmedabad and there was an Emergency like situation and hence schools, colleges and other institutions was also closed.

Patidar reservation agitation

Patidar reservation agitation

Reservation has led to loss to those people who fall in the general category as opportunities for those who don’t fall under any reserved category have to face very tough competition in order to get a good job or admissions in good colleges as the number of seats have been reduced.

The government is also facing another problem of OROP and now this new issue has been raised. It is high time that the government should decide on both these issues as the Bihar elections are very near and if they have to be victorious then they have to regain the faith of the people.

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