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by Giz TimesJune 19, 2015


Have you ever felt that burning rage against the system? Have you ever felt fuming hot anger against this pretentious society? Have you ever had the feeling that more or less it affects you when they define your self-esteem?

If the answers to any of the above questions is yes, you my friend will really second what I am about to say.

Rewind back those moments in your life where you were supposed to do certain things and compare it with the time where you were willing to do some things. Now it’s a hard and unendurable fact that the amount of times you failed were close to the type one acts which you were supposed to do.

And as a girl who has almost ended her teen hood entered into a young/adult phase I think and I think. People say that it is easy to follow your heart, to do what you want to do with the passion you have for that thing. But is it that easy? Walk down a street and think of all those things that you never wanted to do but had to. If you have none I will like to bring you my title of the God. I know the sayings I know the quotes I know this and I know that. What I don’t know is how knowing any of these things make your life your own?

Get in control of your life they say but then is your life truly your own?

Pause and think for once the responsibility you have towards your family, friends and unmistakably (like they would conveniently point out) towards the society. I will jump down the Everest if you have never had any of these holding you back just a little. So what’s the verdict? Do you hate these inhibitions? Do you not? What would a perfectly polite person do? What would a mannered person do? What would any person do? What would you do?

I have walked down that street again and again and I have come to no conclusion. I haven’t even found my willingness to find one. There are people in your life who come up to you and say that they think you should start living a bit for yourself and then they are the very same people who want you to drop every shred of your individuality and want you to compliment them on the great advice that they just passed on.

Waking up to a boring college degree every morning something you never wanted to pursue or waking up to the disappointed eyes of your loved ones? How do you ever choose between them???

How do you ever shake the thought of worrying about the financial boon that your dreams would bring while listening to the wants of your family/friends through there hard hid silence?

How do you not see the importance of your report card’s numbering in the eyes of your parents? How do you not see their unsaid pride on the amount on your paycheck? How do you not see the disillusionment in their eyes as they tell you to give up all practicality and logic for your love of anonymous visions?

I found it hard to focus on the things I loved when the people I loved weren’t ready to accept it. I still do.

And that my friend is the greatest challenge in your life –not fear, not death, not money, not loves. Not anything but that feeling I just described. It’s easier said than done but for the few things I was; saying was not the easy part.

A lot of the young blood doesn’t agree with me (not that I am a bitter old lady). But children and teenagers know this, today it may not seem hard because the idea of success is invincible for you but tomorrow the idea slowly starts holding lesser and lesser ground. It’s harsh but it is true “world is a nasty place after all”.

I believe Darwin knew it when he proposed the “survival of the fittest”. He knew, he understood and in those four words he sent the message out. His analogy holds true today and in the days to come I guess he wanted to believe in a well calculated balance. So is that what you should do?

Take your responsibilities and your dreams toss them in a pan in one is to one proportions add some moral support to your taste. Stir with the yardstick called time and wait for it to cook the meal called life.

Makes me wonder about the odds. So the next time I meet or am in a near vicinity of an over enthusiastic dreamer with visions that burn my eyes I’ll ask him /her if he/she know the secret ingredients that play in their minds and if any of them would be willing to give it up. Pass me your dream.

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  • Zack
    June 19, 2015 at 10:59 am

    A very insightful view of what the young minds have to go through in the young years of their lives.

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