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OPPO Find 9 Smartphone Specs, Price And Launch Date

by Giz TimesJune 17, 2015

Its about time we see another OPPO lead smartphone, yet starting now, we haven’t heard much about the OPPO Find 9. But, prior today, in the advertising archives of China Mobile – Guangzhou Mobile specified OPPO’s most recent phone, the Find 9.

The archive cited OPPO Find 9 among different  smartphones saying it officially bolstered Cat 9 LTE systems. The same record uncovered more insights about the up and coming chip sets which will bolster the more propelled Cat. 10 LTE systems.

Presently, in this business sector, Snapdragon 810 is the main known chip set to bolster Cat 9 LTE systems, which implies that the new OPPO gadget could accompany this chip in the engine. Likewise, given the way that the phone is said here, it would seem that the organization is now past the testing stage on the bearer. In this way, we ought to see the gadget really soon. Other reason Find 9 could be launch soon is the Oppo Find 7 which was released last year and its high time that OPPO will be launching its successor very soon.

Find 9 is expected to have a 13MP rear camera with Snapdragon 810 chip set and 4GB of RAM. The speculations are also high that Find 9 might launch on the sidelines of OnePlus 2, giving OP2 stiff fight. Interestingly, OPPO has not uncovered any insights about its forthcoming smartphone. For the official confirmation of OPPO Find 9, we may have to wait little more.

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