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OnePlus 3 To Launch Before Christmas 2015

by Giz TimesAugust 4, 2015

OnePlus One was a big hit in the market and OnePlus 2 was launched few days back with cool specs including 4GB RAM and new Oxygen Operating System. Over 1 million people requested OnePlus 2 flagship via invites and invites are still going around with 30,000 OnePlus 2 devices already sold out within 64 seconds of its availability via invites.

In his one of the latest tweet, Carl Pie said : “OnePlus 3 will be released in 2016, probably H2. Don’t panic.” But, here comes a surprise news in between – the next flagship from Chinese company will soon hit the market at the end of this year itself, if not OnePlus 3 then may be OnePlus 2s. Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, made this official while giving interview with USA Today and revealed that the Chinese company is planning to release its third flagship smartphone this year itself, near in time for Christmas 2015. Also check – iPhone 7 Features

This news has come only a few days after the OnePlus 2 was made official by the company.

According to Carl Pei, “there’s going to be a second phone this year, before the end of the year. Hopefully for Christmas”.

It has not been decided yet whether the OnePlus 3 will be more powerful and efficient than the current OnePlus 2 device by the company, but from the early phase that Carl has seen, he seems to be  impressed :

“When I saw the prototype for that phone I was like ‘holy s*** that’s going to be my daily driver.”

With a new flagship expected to come up so soon after the OnePlus 2 launch, it looks like OnePlus is getting more ambitious about becoming a major smart phone player in the mobile segment. When asked about where he sees OnePlus company in the future, Carl said that :

“In 5 years I think it will be Apple, OnePlus & Samsung because there is no more room in the market”

This looks to be a big goal to acheive, but if the OnePlus 2 & upcoming OnePlus’s next gen devices are hits, then the Chinese company might have a chance to go up beating Apple and Samsung. There has been no official news of specs and price of upcoming OnePlus 3 flagship so far, but with Carl promising that : “it’s going to be amazing, but today I’m not going to talk about it.”

OnePlus 3 Never settle

OnePlus 3 Never settle

The 64 GB variant of OnePlus 2 will be available with via invite in India through from 11st August for 24,999 INR. On the other hand 16 GB variant of OnePlus 2 along with 3 GB of RAM will be available later this year.

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