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OnePlus 2 RAM | LPDDR4 Confirmed

by Giz TimesJuly 8, 2015
The launch of the OnePlus 2 is only a few weeks away. And now, it’s time for one last OnePlus 2 announcement until the big day on July 27, 2015.The RAM inside the OnePlus 2 is the latest and greatest on the market : LPDDR4. The RAM is what handles your device’s short term actions, like apps that are currently running or those in the background. With 4 GB of RAM, you’ll see faster loading times, smoother game play, and never-before-seen energy saving features. OnePlus said :
OnePlus 2 RAM

OnePlus 2 RAM

Why did we choose LPDDR4 for the One Plus 2 ? Another notable benefit is lower power consumption for better battery efficiency. That means you’ll be able to use your favourite apps (and more) without draining the battery. With LPDDR4, you get twice the bandwidth performance as the LPDDR3 at the same power consumption profile. The RAM of the OnePlus 2 uses a lower operating voltage than its predecessor, decreasing from 1.2V to 1.1V. And with speeds up to 32 GB/s, it is also twice as fast as the LPDDR3. It offers optimal support for power-saving low frequency mode that brings clock speeds down when performing those everyday and necessary tasks.

All in all, LPDDR4 on the OnePlus 2 allows an even better user experience when using features such as slowmotion video, face recognition, and lowlatency gamingfeatures that typically use a lot of bandwidth and can cause heavy lagging. Not only will the experience on the OnePlus 2 be smoother and sleeker, but your battery life will benefit as well.

Oh, by the way…did we mention we are packing in a whopping 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM? That’s more than, well, anyone else. Unlike 32 bit processors that can only utilize up to 3 GB of RAM, our 6-bit Snapdragon 810 processor uses all 4 GB RAM to its maximum potential. Never Settle!

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