One Direction Releases Drag Me Down Video

by Mrinal VermaAugust 23, 2015

One Direction, the famous British-Irish boy band, made history by being the first and the only artists to be allowed to shoot a music video in the NASA headquarters in the US. Their first single called Drag Me Down for their fifth album was released a while ago, and the video for the song was debuted on Friday morning. At first, the rumours suggested that only a snippet of the video will be shown on Good Morning America, but Louis Tomlinson surprised the fans by sharing the link of the whole video. The fans went into a frenzy and the task to break the Vevo record began.

The video stars the four remaining members of the band, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Tomlinson. The four men are seen in the NASA facilities, training to be an astronaut, and are launched into space by the end of the video. The band is famous for having some unique concept for videos, though the fans sometimes argue that the concept of the video do not match the song.

The song is hip, cool, and funky, and so is the video. Styles’s close up face in the starting surely made everyone’s day, and fans were definitely screaming when they saw Payne hooked up to a machine. Horan spotted a different look than his usual, and it can be seen that he has been taking fashion advices from Mr Styles.

Tomlinson looked his happy, casual self, and yes, he was, even after all the disaster in the past videos, given the keys to drive a vehicle. We can only say that we are glad he didn’t do any damage this time, at least not on screen. Also Read: iPhone 7 Specs, Price and Updates 

Drag Me Down Video

Drag Me Down Video

Fans had another attempt at breaking the Vevo record with Drag Me Down but it is still unclear if they have done it or not. They surely did hang the system when Vevo could no longer count their views and got stuck. Fans have been trying to break the record with almost all One Direction videos but they have not been able to do so until now, though they successfully hang it every single time.

Watch Drag Me Down Video, Right here:

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