One Direction Proves Their Phenomenon With Drag Me Down

by Mrinal VermaAugust 1, 2015

The time has finally come for the One Direction fandom to rise again. They have been in the news lately, but for the all the sad reasons, but we can finally stop and appreciate the main reason the band is here: music. Yesterday morning, when everything was calm and peaceful in the world, the boys in One Direction decided to release their new and first single from their unnamed fifth album, and the world has not been the same since.

It did come as a shock at first, because it was only a few days ago that Liam Payne announced in one of their concerts that their album is done and the first single will be released in September. When everyone thought they had time to prepare themselves for the new music, Payne tweeted with the link of their song Drag Me Down as a surprise.

The song became the fastest number to climb to number one on iTunes after its release. It is cheeky, it is fun, and it definitely gets stuck in your mind. It starts with vocals by Harry Styles, who also pleases us with his high notes at the end of the song. Louis Tomlinson’s honey-like vocals are always a major plus in any One Direction song. His voice stands out in the chorus of Drag Me Down as he sings ‘nobody, nobody’ adding an oomph factor.

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Comparing Drag Me Down to the works they did in the start of their career, it can be seen how much these boys have grown. They are no longer those colour-coordinated cute boys, but men with class. Even their music has gone through puberty and come out sounding mature and yet fun. When the band’s fourth album Four was released, it was believed that it was as good as the band is going to get, but the new single gives us hope that they have not only outdone everyone else in the game, but themselves, too.

Drag Me Down

Drag Me Down

The lyrics of Drag Me Down are romantic with a hint of excitement in them, and it is very clear that they wrote the song keeping the fans in mind. They are appreciating their fans for everything they have done for them so far and for all the support. Payne’s low vocals in the start of the chorus creates a kind of vibration in the song which is very much cherished. He once again proves his talent as a singer. Niall Horan also gets his share of fun lyrics and does complete justice to them.

All in all, we have not been able to stop playing the song on repeat ever since we bought it on iTunes.

Clearly, One Direction has proven Their Phenomenon With Drag Me Down. For latest updates on One Direction, stay tuned to giztimes and follow us on facebook, twitter and google plus.

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