No Relief For Mumbai Bomb Blast Convict : YAKUB MEMON

by Giz TimesJuly 23, 2015

It was on March 12, 1993 that a series of blasts shocked Mumbai. In those blasts it was believed that about 257 people were killed and 713 people were seriously injured. Moreover, about Rs. 27 crore worth property was destroyed. The main convict and the mastermind of these blasts is believed to be Tiger Memon. But we are not able to catch any of the two. Also, it is very sorry on our side that one of the convict of the blasts, the brother of Tiger Memon, Yakub Memon has not been given punishment till now. The people of our country have been waiting for justice from 23 years and have not got it till now. As we have all know “Justice delayed is justice denied”, but in system like ours where it is important that an innocent person should not be punished whether in that case a culprit’s punishment is delayed.

30 July 2015 was the date which was earlier decided for the execution of Yakub Memon will be delayed as the recent curative petition of Yakub has been rejected and according to law there should be gap of 14 days between the receipt of communication of the rejection of the mercy petition and scheduled date of execution. So, that during this period of time the prisoner could prepare himself for the execution and also he could have a final meeting with his family members. Whatever may be he is also a human being and one has to prepare mentally for this type of situation. Before this petition his mercy plea was also rejected by the President earlier. The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies conducted the CNN-IBN-The Hindu election tracker in July 2013 across a representative sample of 20,000 respondents in 18 states. After this survey it was found that 40% of respondents were in favour of an end to the death penalty, while 30% were against it and another 30% had no opinion.



Recently in the year 2012 Ajmal Kasab was hanged the person who was a convict in the Mumbai attack of 2008. Also, Afzal Guru was hanged in the year 2013 for his role on the attack on the Indian Parliament and now that of Yakub Memon. All this proves that in our country the terrorists will not be left free and will be punished. But the main problem is that the time taken to achieve this is too large. Hence there is a need to improve and fasten this process. The government should open new courts and try other means to solve this problem. The opening of fast track courts is one of the important step that has been taken in this direction. We can just hope that India will be free of any terrorist attacks and all the execution of such terrorist will definitely show that India will not tolerate terrorism at any cost.


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