Nicholas Winton – The Holocaust Hero Who Rescued A Generation Dies At The Age Of 106

by Garima JaitlyJuly 2, 2015

Nicholas Winton, one of the unsung heroes of World War II, known as the Schindler of Britain,  still revered as the father who saved scores of his ‘children’ from Nazi death camps, passed away peacefully at age 106 on July 1, 2015.

Also known as the holocaust hero, in 1939, the English stockbroker Nicholas Winton set free 669 Czech children from their condemned fate in the Nazi death camps, but his achievement went unrecognized for more than half a century.

These unsung heroes deserve their rightful applaud, but for fifty years most of the children did not know to whom they owed their lives. The story of Nicholas Winton only arose when his wife Greta came across an old leather briefcase in an attic and found lists of the children and letters from their parents. He hadn’t even told her of his outstanding contribution during the war.

In the late 1938 he traveled to Prague, Czechoslovakia to work in newly erected British refugee camps.

Nicholas Winton recalled being told that the commission was dealing with the old and vulnerable people and nobody was looking into doing anything for the children. As the war continued,he managed to arrange for 669 children to leave on eight different trains from Prague to London.

“Winton’s children”, that’s what the survivors call themselves say that they owe their lives to this brave man. One of the survivors Vera Gissing was quoted as saying: ‘I owe him my life and those of my children and grandchildren. I was lucky to get out when I did and having the chance to thank Nicky was the most precious moment in my life.’

According to Nicholas though his actions weren’t anything out of ordinary, he said, “I just saw what was going on and did what I could to help”. This war hero has been a subject of a biography titled Nicholas Winton and the Rescued Generation and the film which is in works namely Nicholas J. Winton –The Power of Good.

It is said that truly noble is the work which is uncredited for and Nicholas Winton was a living testament of this. In a world of war where we will always be needing such men, he will be missed.

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