New Hangman Android Game Will Make You Crazy

by Giz TimesOctober 26, 2015

The new Hangman is a classic One player word puzzle game where you just have to guess the hidden (secret) word. You will be given a random word from a word list with your choice of categories which includes : Dictionary words, GRE words, Games and Sports Terminology category, Countries and Cities, Animals and Fortune 500 companies.

You have to guess the right word to save ‘Jon Snow’ otherwise he will be hanged. You will be given  maximum 8 attempts to complete the whole word. Apart from this, you can also search the meaning of the word right inside from the app at the end of game. Its a simple game with a lot of learning experience and seems to provide the easiest way to improve your vocabulary.  Also Read – Samsung Z3 Review



Categories of New Hangman Android Game :

  • Dictionary
  • GRE
  • Games and Sports Terminology
  • Countries and Cities
  • Animals
  • Fortune 500 companies.
It requires an Android 2.1 OS and up version to run. You can also see the tips in the info section for better experience. So, what you waiting for, just download the game from the source link and improve your vocabulary while having fun. For more news and updates on Hangman Android Game, stay tuned & subscribe to our newsletter and do not forget to share this article on Facebook, Google Plus and twitter.
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