MTV’s New Scream Series: Hit or Miss?

by Sanya VermaJuly 4, 2015

MTV’s new Scream series: Hit or Miss?

Are you a 90’s child? Recall the gaudy horror of the slasher film series: SCREAM (1996), the film which revitalized the slasher film classification and deconstructed  its traditions. Attributing  to the notoriety of the motion picture its television adaptation debuted on MTV on June 30, 2015. The show is expected to air ten episodes for the first season.

Scream of 1996 was about a group of teens chased by a masked murderer who tests their knowledge of horror movies. The psychopath stalks victims, insults them with trivia questions, then tears them to ridiculous shreds.The new TV series aims at providing a new touch to the mega horror franchise.Catering to the young audience, the TV series brings in a fresh air to the whole concept ,rather than just ringing the victims the maniac is now seen using texts and Snapchats . This way the older storyline is refreshed according to the changing times, it becomes more relatable and acceptable.

The difficult part about adaptations is that during the course of replication one is ought to compromise the quality and standards of the original. MTV Scream carries upon the burden of proving as exciting and scary as the movie was. It is difficult to entertain the audience which is now mindful about the idea, they know the concept  and would be anticipating the characters to die any moment. Consequently, the show must maintain its standards and should be able to evoke fear and suspense in order to keep the audience interested and intrigued.

The pilot episode reflected upon the harming fixation of youngsters with online networking. The show is reexamined in the light of the new computerized age where digital tormenting has turned into the most straightforward approach to humiliate and torment individuals. It all begins with a scurrilous YouTube feature that rapidly becomes viral. The feature, which includes a girl named Audrey making out with another girl, is intended to be digital harassing. The person who shot the video had planned to cause some damage or insult and was successful .Towards the end of the episode , one stalking victim asks the killer, “Are you watching me?” and the killer replies: “It’s what you want, right? On Instagram and Facebook — perfect smiles, perfect lies. But I know the truth….I’m the one who’s going to lift the mask.”

Will the show receive the same amount of fan following as earned by the movie? Or will it just be another flop replica? According to the reviews website Rotten Tomatoes, season one has a rating of 53%, based on 19 reviews, with a 6/10 average rating.  David Hinckley from New York Daily News rated it 4/5 and remarked, “Happily, Scream maintains a sense of humor, reinforced with snappy, self-aware pop culture dialogue.”

The audience’s are not so judgmental, hopefully the cast will impress them with their witty dialogues, good looks and goofy spoofs. If the actors are able to fascinate the young audience, then the show will shortly become the new hit.

The Main Cast :

  • Willa Fitzergald as Emma Duvall
  • Bex-Taylor-Klaus as Audrey Jenson
  • John Karna as Noah Foster
  • Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox
  • Conner Weil as Will Belmont
  • Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox
  • Tracy Middendorf as Margaret “Maggie” Duvall
  • Jason Wiles as Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Mike Vaughn as Ghostface (voice)

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