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Motorola Moto G3 Price Worldwide Confirmed

by Giz TimesJuly 21, 2015

Motorola is all set to launch Moto G3 on July 28th worldwide, along with Moto X3 at an event for which it had already sent an invitation. The 2015 Moto G3 includes an quad-core Snapdragon 410 CPU on chip set (SoC) with 1.7 GHz paired with 1 GB of RAM, 5 inch screen display with 1080 pixel resolution and 4G LTE support.

Recently an e-commerce site from Spain listed 3rd Gen Moto G, hinting towards a more powerful Snapdragon 610 processor along with 2GB of RAM. The Moto G 3 will also feature a 13 mega pixel back camera with dual LED flash and a a 5 mega pixel front camera for taking selfie shots.

The Moto G3 is also expected to come in two variants of internal storage – 8GB and 16GB model with expandable microSD slot respectively. A 2,470mAh battery along with Android 5.1 Operating system is also in the specs line up. Also Check – iPhone 7 Features

Moto G3 Price

Moto G3 Price

The expected Moto G3 Price Worldwide is :

Motorola Moto G 3 Price in China –1272.36 Chinese Yuan

Moto 3rd gen Price in Bangladesh – 15938.64 Bangladeshi Taka

Moto G 3 Price in Australia – 277.67 Australian Dollar

Moto G 3 Price in Nepal – 20851.37 Nepalese Rupee

Moto G 3 Price in Sweden – 1764.35 Swedish Krona

Moto G 3 Price in Indonesia – 2740235 Indonesian Rupiah

Moto G 3 Price in Japan – 25481.19 Japanese Yen

Moto 3rd gen Price in Qatar – 746.38 Qatari Rial

Moto 3rd gen Price in South Korea – 236343 South Korean Won

Moto G 3 Price in Austria – 188 Euro

Motorola G3 Price in Sri Lanka – 27439 Sri Lankan Rupee

Motorola G3 Price in Russia – 11654 Russian Ruble

Moto G 3 Price in Chile – 133855 Chilean Peso

Moto G3 Price in India – 13,000 INR

Moto 3rd Gen Price in USA – $205 USD

Moto G3 Price in UK – £130 British Pound Sterling

Moto 3rd gen Price in Canada – 265 Canadian Dollar

Moto G 3 Price in Mexico – 3280 Mexican Peso

Moto G3 Price in Hong Kong – 1588 Hong Kong Dollar

Moto G3 Price in Philippines – 9271 Philippine Peso

Moto G3 Price in Mauritius – $205 USD

Moto G3 Price in Turkey – 550 Turkish Lira

Moto 3rd gen Price in Ireland – 188 Euro

Moto G3 Price in Iraq – 244154 Iraqi Dinar

Moto G3 Price in Israel – 780 Israeli New Sheqel

Moto 3rd gen Price in Netherlands – 188 Euro

Moto 3rd gen price in Germany – 188 Euro

Moto 3rd gen price in Saudi Arabia – 768 Saudi Riyal

Moto G 3 price in Norway – 6412.97 Norwegian Krone

Moto3rd gen price in Europe – 188 Euro

Moto 3rd gen price in Singapore – 275 Singapore Dollar

Moto 3rd gen price in Thailand – 7065 Thai Baht

Moto 3rd gen price in Belgium – 188 Euro

Moto 3rd gen price in Switzerland – 195 Swiss Franc

Moto 3rd gen Price in Denmark – 1406 Danish Krone

Moto 3rd gen Price in South Africa –  2538 South African Rand

Moto G3 Price in Malaysia – 778 Malaysian Ringgit.

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