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Most Consecutive Selfies Taken – LG G4 Breaks Guinness World Records

by Giz TimesJune 26, 2015

Do you think you are the only one with a million selfies in your phone? Wait till you hear about this amazing tit bit. LG G4 accomplished an ever bigger task and broke a record when it came to selfies.

On June 13 this phone broke the world record for the “world’s longest selfie relay chain”, smoking past a record that was previously set in the USA. This feat was accomplished with the help of 2500 people from Mexico’s capital city, at the Chapultepec Castle, a historic building which currently serves as the National Museum of History. The previous record was of 531 selfies which was swiftly broken in a period of two hours with 746 selfies, LG G4 surpassed Galaxy A3 and A5. During this period of time this phone took a photograph after every 10 seconds. LG G4 Breaks Guinness World Records news for most consecutive selfies gave LG another reason to be known the best in the Smartphone market.

This event though might seem meaningless it sure displays the capabilities of G4 as a great smartphone. This phone has a 8MP front facing camera which is known to be the best in the market. They also claimed that in the entire event this phone didn’t require a battery swap or recharge which is a contributing factor in its quality as a smartphone.

This phone has given the rivals a run for their money as it uses “quantum display “ which reduces power usage and improves brightness and contrast, not to be confused with Sony’s dot screen display this is actually better. The camera really is the new phone’s key feature, however LG designers were hard at work too. They gave the LG G4 a subtle arc that complements the spacious screen and sourced high-quality materials for the back covers. The LG G4 strikes a great balance between tangible quality and intangible class.

So before you run for the “oh-so-famous” brands compare and decide. Benchmark-topper or not, the LG G4 won’t have to ask for anyone’s attention.

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Author : Garima Jaitly

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