Moody Cara Delevingne At An Interview

by Mrinal VermaJuly 30, 2015

Cara Delevingne has been in the limelight a lot lately, not like she was not before. But her latest professional adventures has made her name familiar to everyone. The supermodel turned actor has been running around on public platforms, promoting her debut film Paper Towns which is based on the novel by John Green.

Even though all her public appearances and interactions have been pleasant and fun, her most recent one certainly does not fit the category. She was a guest at Good Day Sacramento where things got a little out of hand and beyond everyone’s comfort zone. The interview ended on a sore note when Cara Delevingne’s broadcast was cut off live, making things even more awkward.It seemed like Cara Delevingne was not in a good mood or she simply did not get along with the hosts, which she later did say.

The interview started on a bad note when one of the interviewers made a mistake with her name and addressed her as Carla. The entire interview, which was short, only went downhill from the start. Cara Delevingne explained that the previous night was the movie premiere which had left her emotional and exhausted. She only replied with short answers when Mark S Allen, Marianne McClary and their co-host interviewed her.

Moody Cara Delevingne At An Interview

Moody Cara Delevingne At An Interview

It reached a point where the hosts could no longer ignore her sarcastic and uninterested mood, and addressed the issue directly. McClary, when she could no longer hide her reaction, asked Cara Delevingne about the concern, and asked whether she herself was in a bad, irritated mood in general or was it something that the show or the anchors did. To this, Cara Delevingne replied that it was the host which did not settle well with her. The hostess had no other option but to call off the interview as gently as she could. She ended by suggesting Cara to take a nap or a can of Redbull to help with her behaviour.

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After her departure, the hosts discussed the situation and seemed equally shocked and frustrated with the diva was acting.

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