Minions Are Back, But Are They Just As Lovable?

by Mrinal VermaJuly 13, 2015

Minions Are Back, But Are They Just As Lovable? In such a tempting heat, what better way to cool down than a good movie and a handful of popcorn and soda? We’ve thought of that moment of  how we cannot wait to watch this movie which is directly focused on these tiny, yellow coloured weird creatures that we just love. On 10 July the movie was released and long anticipated fans finally got a chance to see it.

The movie, which is the third release in the series, is actually the prequel to both the previously released films, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. The movie, as the name suggested, is fixated on the minions rather than keeping them in the story as supportive characters to Gru, the protagonist of the first two films, and his three adopted daughters. It tells the story of the straight-Cheetos-looking squad and how they evolved into being full-fledged beings from singular-celled organisms. The movie reveals that they come from the sea. Pierre Coffin returned to the job to voice the characters of Kevin, Stuart, Bob and the rest of the Minion Tribe.



Despite their cute persona, minions are always on the side of the villain and helping them carry out the most evil plans. This phenomena was also explained in the movie which traces their existence to thousands of years back. As soon as they emerged from the sea, they have had an unexplainable desire towards the most evil of evil men and has been acting as their helping hands ever since. They hit their low point when they have no master to assist and have to resort to living in an cave. They were present to see all the action even in the whole Dinosaur era, but as the movie progresses, it tells that they have finally crossed a line and have gotten them into some serious trouble when they mess with the political leader, Napoleon.

In their search of a new master, they find Scarlett Overkill-which is voiced by Sandra Bullock-and are completely charmed by her. Her popularity as a great villain only makes them want to join her team even more.

Though the response of a different group of people cannot be ignored who claims to have seen too much of these minions and can no longer stand it. Various memes and tweets are circling around the internet which declares their not-so-nice feelings towards these cute creatures.

Whether the movie was a hit or a flop, and the same for the characters of minions, is to be decided by the general audience and the answer will be known soon within a week or two, but for now on, we can say that we have seen enough of these cute adorable minions to last us a long time, and whether we want to see more of them will be depending upon the storyline with which they come.

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