Micromax OS : Company Plans to Develop its Own OS Like Xiaomi And Samsung

by Gaurav SunejaAugust 24, 2015

Micromax Informatics Limited being one of the leading consumer electronics company in India and the and the 10th largest mobile phone player in the world is close to the heart of the youth and celebrates the vibrancies of life and empowerment.

According to a report by The Economic Times, the Indian company has now decided to develop its own Micromax OS (operating system) along with a suite of services and apps. This will be across phones, TVs, tablets and wear ables. Till now the name of the operating system has not been decided. Before Micromax, Xiaomi and Samsung had done this. Now, Micromax is shifting its focus on software part as well. The Micromax OS will be forked Android version taking advantage of Google’s open source platform like any other operating systems.

Vikas Jain, Micromax co-founder said that the first smartphone with the new Micromax OS will be available by the end of this financial year within an affordable price. He also added that the company was not breaking away from Android, but was working with the global dominant Android OS to bring a differentiated experience to consumers across all platforms, including wearable. Also Read – LG G5

Micromax OS

Micromax OS

Ashish Agrawal, the new technology head at Micromax said that Micromax is closer to the Indian consumer and therefore has a better understanding of the local market and insights based on which it will build the customer experience.

He also said that Micromax wants to start investing in software to differentiate itself. Moreover, he said that the company didn’t want to alienate its set of consumers and developers, the majority of whom are on Android, by building an operating system from the ground up. Also Check – iPhone 7 Specs

For the development of the Micromax OS, there are about 75 people in design team who are acquired from Nokia’s R&D in Beijing. Also, Micromax had tied up with Cynogen for using its OS on Yu brand. In addition to this the company is investing in startups that build services which can be integrated into devices. All the services and apps which are developed can be extended to Yu series.

Some of the people think that the company should focus on the quality of their products, but they should also continue their efforts to develop its own OS and produce something big.

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