Meizu ME5 Price, Features, Specs And Release Date

by Chandril SharmaSeptember 12, 2015

Meizu boasts of having sold nearly 3 million phones last month- an impressive figure for any company. The Zhuhai based technical giant is all set to launch its new handset in the market – the high spec ME5.

Meizu has decided to put all its eggs in one basket with a host of powerful hardware that it has loaded onto the device. The handset is reportedly powered by the Samsung Exynos 7420 chipset. This is the same 14 nm future proof silicon that Samsung installed in the S6 and Note 5.

This chip set powerhouse has enabled the Meizu ME5 to score an astounding 69,000 points on the AnTuTu benchmark testing site. That is substantiated proof that this just might be the fastest processor in the competitive universe of Android at the moment. Also Read – LG G5

This new technical marvel will be unveiled in two versions – a comparatively medium spec version and a more powerful high spec Pro version. The medium spec version has a 5.5 inch screen, 1080 HD display, the above mentioned Exynos 7420 and a 3GB RAM. The high spec version of Meizu ME5 comes with a deca-core Helio X20 processor and an impressive 4 GB of RAM. Both the versions share the same 21 MP rear-shutter bug with f/1.8 aperture. Additionally, the Pro might sport a prime 6.2 MP frontal snapper along with OIS as well.

Meizu ME5

Meizu ME5

Such a powerful processor calls for a size able battery as well. A 3,600 mAh battery satisfies that prerequisite. Now, take the fact into consideration that this phone is less than 8 mm and you will be awed by the level of technological advancement that is in play here. The PRO version sports a choice glass and metal frame, a bright AUO display with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and low reflectivity. Must Read – iPhone 7 Specs

The Meizu ME5 has 32 GB of inbuilt storage and is supposedly priced at $700, the high price that tags along with the aforementioned high specifications. Meizu has decided to pack all the star power in one device and the result is this powerful machine with an expensive price tag. Time will tell whether the specifications and performance of this phone is enough to urge people to empty their pockets.

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