Lionel Messi refuses Man Of the Match honour at Copa America 2015. Where are the Game Ethics?

by Giz TimesJune 16, 2015

Lionel Messi refuses Man Of the Match at Copa America 2015 owing to the fact that Argentina didn’t play very well opposite Paraguay.

The Argentina captain Messi declined the man of the match award for his side’s 2-2 draw against Paraguay on the grounds that he was angry with how his group discarded a two-goal lead in their Copa America opener.

Messi was enter in the manufacture up to Sergio Aguero’s strike and scored Argentina’s second from the punishment spot, yet missed risks in the second half to put the amusement out of Paraguay’s range and was in no temperament for a photograph call taking after the last shriek on Saturday.

An agent from MasterCard, who distribute the honors in every match in the mainland rivalry match in the continental competition, went to the Argentina dressing room to inform the 27-year-old he had been chosen to receive the prize but was told Messi would not accept the award.

Taking after the Barcelona forward’s refusal, MasterCard were quick to pick another Argentine player after the awesome first half execution from Gerardo Martino’s men, yet the inclination in the changing area was solemn and the delegate was informed that none of the players were willing to acknowledge the award.

It was then chosen to give the prize to one of Paraguay’s two goalscorers and Nelson Valdez – who netted the first for the Albirroja before Lucas Barrios’ late leveler – was available to get the unwanted man of the match honor.

It seems like the man of the match award became an object of mockery and no one wanted to accept it. We get it that Messi was infuriated by Argentina’s bad performance at The Copa America 2015, but does that mean he along with many other players will decline an award? Sorry to say, but this reflects badly on both Argentina and Messi.

The Barcelona forward was chosen as the standout player in Argentina’s 2-2 draw against Paraguay on Saturday, but was not in the mood to accept the prize. Messi refuses Man Of the Match and then many other players follow – this is an example of deteriorating game ethics when it comes to football.

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