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LG G5, the modular concept | LG G6 ?

Before we talk about LG G6, let’s refresh our memory with the modular kid on the block. LG turned heads with their new flagship, retaining some of the good stuff from the Nexus lineup and mixing it with LG V10 goodness.  LG G5 came with the same 5.3 inch Quantum display with a resolution of 1440×2560. The dual camera gets some mixed opinions and the Snapdragon 820 coupled with 4GB RAM seems to keep up with the heavy and bloated LG UI. The Snapdragon 652 variant also keeps up the reputation in terms of features and performance. The real innovation though is the ability to customize the bottom part of the G5 with a camera grip or other accessories soon to be launched. We will look into LG G6 Specs, Features, Price, Release Date, News And Everything you need to know !

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LG G6 the Real Deal | LG G6 Images

lg g6

LG G6 will be the next big update from LG iterating all these features and adding some new ones to keep up with the competition. The G6 expected in February 2017 will be a major change for LG since the G5 modular concept seems to keep up with the hype.

LG G6 Display and Body : QHD and metal mixes well

FHD displays are a thing of the past, even QHD has become the norm. LG G6 won’t be any different in this department, scaling the screen to 5.5 inches with a total resolution of 2560×1440. This might not be seen as huge jump, considering a human eye won’t be able to notice any difference in pixels and density, this is more than enough. The display will be the same quantum dot panel as the G5 and as per the reviews, it seems to do a pretty good job.

The body of the LG G6 will be an all-aluminium one which as per the rumors will be rated for water and dust resistance. There will be LG signature rear touch id for security and USB Type-C for connectivity options. The modular concept will once again shine here with accessories from LG already in the works.

LG G6 Hardware and Camera : No dual camera this time

lg g6 rear

Let’s talk camera first. Although LG had it going with the G5, let’s face it a dual camera setup isn’t worth it, a possibility to implement similar cameras isn’t that easy. So, LG G6 will shave some pixels down to 12 Megapixels with the same fast 1/.8 lens. This will be coupled with laser auto-focus for faster auto-focussing and OIS. If rumors are to believe, the sensor in the LG G6 will be bigger than the G5’s, measure 1/2.3 inches and with bigger pixels for better shots. Videographers will be pleased to record 4K video in 60fps with other options as well. Selfie shooters will love the 8 Megapixel f/1.8 camera.

Talking about the guts, the LG G6 will feature Snapdragon 830 for the processing power coupled with 4GB of RAM. There will be 32, 64 and 128GB options with an expandable storage of  upto 200GB. LG UI will also get an update on the G6 with more sleeker interface and rumors pointing to a Nexus like stock Android UI. IF that’s true, we will have a very snappy phone.

LG G6 Battery and Price : Mammoth, the battery not the price

With all this power and running atop Android, the G6 will be needing all the power it can get. LG is already working on it. A 3200mAh battery will power the LG G6 and will be able last it a full day with heavy usage. Android N is also polished to conserve battery as well, so for a normal we are talking two days or more of scree on times. LG’s always “On” mode will be given an update to include more information on the screen now. The best part is that the G6 will retain the removable battery setup that we love about the G lineup.

lg g6 side

LG G6 Price

Mammoth battery and specs, the G6 will be a premium device overall, but what about the pricing? Samsung and other manufacturers are slanting towards a less aggressive price tag and LG will follow the same path. LG G6 will have a price tag of $950 aiming for February 2017. LG G6 will be yet another modular flagship from LG for 2017.

LG G6 Expected Price Country Wise | World Wide :

LGG6 price in India – 60,000 INR

LGG6 price in USA – $950 USD

LGG6 price in UK – £635 British Pound Sterling

LGG6 price in Nepal – 99760.00 Nepalese Rupee

LGG6 price in Sri Lanka – 130875 Sri Lankan Rupee

LGG6 price in Russia – 45907 Russian Ruble

LGG6 in Canada – 1130 Canadian Dollar

G6 price in Sweden – 7420 Swedish Krona

G6 Price in Denmark – 5980 Danish Krone

G6 price in South Africa – 11212 South African Rand

G6 LG price in Malaysia – 3335 Malaysian Ringgit

LGG6 price in Hong Kong – 7754 Hong Kong Dollar

LGG6 price in Philippines – 44890 Philippine Peso

LGG6 price in Mauritius – $1000 USD

G6 price in Indonesia – 12202000 Indonesian Rupiah

G6 price in Japan – 115770 Japanese Yen

LGG6 price in Qatar – 3640 Qatari Rial

G6 price in South Korea – 1097750 South Korean Won

G6 price in Austria – 800 Euro

G6 price in China – 6107 Chinese Yuan

G6 price in Bangladesh – 77170 Bangladeshi Taka

LGG6 price in Australia – 1147 Australian Dollar

LGG6 price in Singapore – 1292 Singapore Dollar

G6 price in Thailand – 32830 Thai Baht

LGG6 price in Belgium – 800 Euro

LGG6 price in Switzerland – 966 Swiss Franc

G6 Price in Turkey – 2254 Turkish Lira

LGG6 price in Ireland – 800 Euro

LGG6 price in Chile – 594470 Chilean Peso

G6 price in Mexico – 13566 Mexican Peso

G6 price in Europe – 800 Euro

G6 price in Iraq – 1163000 Iraqi Dinar

G6 price in Israel – 3810 Israeli New Sheqel

G6 Price in Netherlands – 800 Euro

G6 price in Germany – 800 Euro

LGG6 price in Saudi Arabia – 3752 Saudi Riyal

LGG6 price in Norway – 6806 Norwegian Krone.

LG G6 Infographics

lg g6 comparison

lg g6 comparison

Update 5 April : Waterproof LG G6 and more leaks

LG G5 teardown shows coating of thick primer covered with plastic and underneath it, a sheet of metal, but new leaks about the LG G6 shows it will have a full metal construction unlike the marketing gimmick of the G5. LG was also seen testing with Android N and new interface which seems to give out some stellar performance. The surprise comes in the form a device being tested for immersion in liquid and device, although unnamed is sporting the specification we mentioned, LG G6 will be rated with IP standard for water and dust resistance.


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