Let Us Decode The Batman v/s Superman Trailer

by Mrinal VermaJuly 13, 2015

We don’t want to say this but we all know that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the biggest project that DC has ever done or will ever do. The movie, ever since it has been in production, has been under critical eyes and hating on Ben Affleck as Batman has been our guilty pleasure even though we no longer mention it.

It does not matter if you classify yourself as a proper geek or a fandom nerd or not, because everyone is losing their chill right now. We already have been sitting in a corner of our room with a box of tissues seeing all these photos of our beloved celebrities at Comic Con, meeting different fans where it should have been us. To top it all up, on Saturday afternoon Warner Bros. and DC decided our suffering was not enough and hence had a screening of the new trailer of Batman v/s Superman. The movie, which is scheduled to release in 2016, stars Henry Cavill as Superman and Affleck as Batman.

The DC Comics have been seeming a bit dull lately compared to all the new movies and the huge intertwined world Marvel has been presenting lately, but hopefully this film will bring DC back into the game because fans cannot wait to fight over who is better: Marvel or DC?

batman v/s superman

batman v/s superman

The movie begins right where Man of Steel left us in the story. Superman and the rest of the world is left to face the aftermath of his great battle against General Zod. But now the authorities and concerned citizens of Earth wonder whether Superman is an asset or a liability to them. But it seems like Batman has made up his mind that Superman is not the hero he seems to be; in fact, he is extremely dangerous and needs to be stopped, and who better to do that job that the self-appointed righteous human Batman fighting the Kryptonian Superman. Though Alfred and Martha seems to be the only two people who speak with wisdom.

One of the best things about the promo was definitely the quick but still sufficient look we got of Wonder Woman. She is fierce; she is hardcore, and believe us, she is ready. What also baffled us was Jesse Eisenberg’s hair. We are aware that his look for the movie requires him to be bald, as the photos were released earlier, but he dons shiny blond locks throughout the trailer which makes us wonder.

His final dialogues also announces the commencement of a war between the two heroes which makes us sit on the edge of our seats and cry in disappointment as the trailer ends.

Check out the The Batman v/s Superman Trailer, right here:

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