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Kill The Plumber Game Coming On Android, Rejected By Apple

by Giz TimesJune 23, 2015

Too much Super Mario : Kill the Plumber parody game rejected by Apple, to release on Android on 23rd July 2015. The developers behind Kill the Plumber was left shocked by the App store curators of Apple with the description that their game –

includes content or features that resemble a well-known third-party material, Super Mario Bros.

The crew of Kill the Plumber replied back, asking the Apple to reconsider their decision, since the game has been authored exclusively by them, & is clearly meant to be a parody, with many obstacles competing against the level completion.The game story is : A ‘plumber’ is jumping around you, trying to destroy you, & your aim is to take him out of the game before he accomplishes this. As the game progresses, you will play a variety of other types of baddies that all somewhat similar to Super Mario’s ghosts. Apple responded makers of game that they could only let it be thorough if there is some change in the concept , and “from the appearance to the functionality.

Kill The Plumber Game Trailer

But, for eventual Mario parody fans, It is still coming for Android users on July 23rd 2015, so not everything is lost for all ! You can follow Giztimes on Facebook, twitter and Google Plus for more stuff on upcoming Apps !

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