July 9, 2015- News Headlines

by Giz TimesJuly 9, 2015

July 9, 2015- News Headlines- India
. The mother and stepfather of a 13 year old girl arrested in Kerala for forcing their daughter into sex trade for almost two years
• Woman accuses la cab driver for masturbating while driving her in Delhi
• Wildlife authorities in Kaziranga national park rescue a 3 day old baby rhinoceros found wandering in the premises
• PM Modi to attend BRICS summit and plans to meet Russian and Chinese Presidents on the sidelines, along with his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif
• Vyapam scam takes a new turn as supreme court orders CBI probe into all related cases and deaths
• Sania Mirza advances to Women’s Doubles final four with Martina Hignis at Wimbledon
• Bollywood celebrates Guru Dutt’s 90th birthday
• More than a hundred blood banks found in violation of various provisions of law in Telangana
• India signs 5 deals with Kazakhstan, including the deal of Uranium supply for energy requirement
• S N Sahai, senior IAS officer, appointed new Home Secretary for Delhi


July 9, 2015- News Headlines

July 9, 2015- News Headlines

July 9, 2015- News Headlines- World

. Greece gets until the end of Thursday to present new proposals for securing third bailout and preventing an exit from Eurozone
• Honda, the Japanese car maker, recalls almost 5 million cars as people fear a potentially fatal defect in the Takata airbags
• Baltimore’s mayor sacks the US city’s police chief, blaming him for letting leadership of the police department cloud his responsibility of fighting crime causing an upsurge in homicides after the riots in April
• Research shows, a cheap and safe drug composed of progesterone could reduce breast cancer to its half, helping women suffering from the disease to live longer
• The pope, now in Bolivia after Ecuador, speaks of protecting the poor from effects of capitalism
• UN reports more than 4 million Syrians have fled abroad to escape the conflict in their own country
• Cheap, oral vaccine prevents many deaths due to cholera in Bangladesh
• Senior officer in British army says transgender soldiers can be included in close combat roles in British infantry, if such a situation arises
• UK plans a giant street party for the Queen’s 90th birthday next June, guests from charities and organizations supported by the queen get invites

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