July 3, 2015- News Headlines

by Giz TimesJuly 3, 2015

July 3, 2015- News Headlines- India
• Aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju apologizes to the family of three offloaded to accommodate the VIP minister Kiren Rijiju
• Bollywood actress and MP Hema Malini injured in a car crash that killed a girl of 4; driver arrested for rash driving
• Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin performs in Delhi unannounced, leaves most heartbroken
• Suspicions arise regarding the delay in publication of health data as India continues secrecy
• After the launch of Modi’s pet project digital India, Ratan Tata launches his internet initiative to help rural and unemployed woman
• Canada Food Inspection Agency declares Nestle Maggi noodles safe for consumption
• President Pranab Mukherjee addressed the us populace and government through US President Barrack Obama, greeting him on the eve of US Independence Day
• First ever socio-economic and caste census data released by the government, to be used in various development programs
• 11 rhinos killed this year in Assam, 88 poachers arrested
• Telecom operators bring out nation wide number portability, enabling users to retain their numbers across the country
July 3, 2015- News Headlines- World
• Experts report, rise of CO2 making oceans more acidic; will change marine life irreversibly
• Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh found stabbed to death at his home; son charged for murder
• Malaysia seeks an international tribunal to deal with the criminal accountability in MH17 disaster
• A minutes silence held across the UK in memory of the 38 people – 30 Britons- killed in Tunisia in a terror attack last week
• 5000 residents of US state, Tennessee evacuated after a train carrying a highly flammable and toxic chemicals derails and bursts into flames
• Former US senator Jim Webb joins other democrats in the presidential race for the 2016 elections
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